Saturday, June 11, 2016


EXPLANATION:  The following is a thread of emails and replies.  Remember to read in time sequence from the bottom to the top.  There is language I don't use as a good Latter Day Saint but I am dealing with hardened criminals and since my email address was shared all over the un-named country I was often confused as to which organization was attacking me.    The scammers kept me working fast always with deadlines so I had little chance to stop and think.  I am very tired now and was very tired early in the scam when I was awakened at 4:00 AM to exchange death threats.  That fatigue and the slow build up of stakes on the table from a few million to $20,000,000 is just part of what brainwashed me into constantly believing then not believing then beliieving again.
I will admit here to the World that for a few weeks I was  actually insane when home alone.  I woke in the middle of the night with a loud crazy laugh, any irritation that would normally cause a cuss word instead caused the crazy laugh and even a painful stubbed toe brought laughter.
I told you that the VA is walking all over me with an insulting incompetence rating which Obama uses to remove my second Amendment rights.  Finally in a call to the VA I told them that it was no threat, it was a promise so they got it into their thick skulls that I am fed up with their games..  When I showed up via taxi because I was struck blind 3 times in 6 days the VA police were very nice, slowly guiding me into a dark room to talk privately and quickly turning the light off when it knocked me back.  When they patted me down while blind for weapons I said "pat me on the back for being a good boy" LOL.  In the dark room I was able to open one eye and saw windows into the main lobby and fear in the male and female cops.  Everybody now realizes that if YOU PEOPLE don't use your POWER to if necessary WRITE ME INTO OFFICE someday I will really tell the Mafia how to clean up the VA.  If in office instead of just being a number like every other citizen, I can fix the VA non-violently with just paperwork.  As Trump says "YOU"RE FIRED" and some good replacements will be hired.
I know this is long but not as long as the gigabytes of messenger archives saved in my computer as evidence for when the Board of Veterans Appeals and/or my Congressman let me for the first time defend myself against the incompetence rating and a $20,000 complication.  Higher court order them to expedite but I've waited at least a year.
I know I am wandering off subject but not because I am tired or stupid.  I am killing two birds with one stone.  I want you to know that I am not afraid of the long list of mysterious deaths of people around Hillary Clinton does not scare me for I am beyond the point of nothing to loose.  I want you to know I will rip the heart out of corruption in D.C. as I am made aware of it.  I want you to know why I will push for a Federal Death Penalty via my twist on the Rico Act.  The death penalty is specifically and only for Scam artists or Con artists including those playing tricks via telephone from inside prison, for ID thieves, and for cyber criminals who cost both in security company premiums and computer repair and lost data.  You the People won't have to worry which will be the next victim.

Now comes the rough language.  Remember I am not talking to Humans but to Evil Animals who laugh about scamming a poor man's last dollar.  These beings have Mafia connections inside the USA.  They know details like the tiny town of Abbeyville.  It does not show on Google Maps until you zoom in tight and see it just inside the State of Alabama.  I think it is some kind of entry or check point.  The police told me I was dealing with Mafia when I called them to pick up hot merchandise shipped to my home.  But that Mafia didn't know about my frail connections and to lay off.  Okay I am pasting from my personal email not and after I will add some of the mostly fake photos and documents to PROVE TO YOU HOW COMPLEX THE SCAM WAS TO HANDLE ALONE .

God Damn you!!!  I told you that you were trusted until your first mistake.  You fucked up fast and now you are back on my kill list.  Stupid!!!  I told you I get less income now than I did in the YEAR 1997 and prices are way up since then.  I am marking your email address as SPAM and as soon as anybody calls me from Ghana the phone number will be blocked as others have been blocked for a long time.  This is the last you will hear from me.  It won’t happen for several months, but when we are ready you won’t know when or how it will hit.  And as many friends and helpers that can be found or tortured out of Ibrahim and Mugis are going to be hit too.  END
Sent: Saturday, June 11, 2016 3:20 AM
To: classified

Thanks for the understanding and I have nothing to hide and you will hear from us very soon and mugis want you to send her 100 for food until the payments Is made so when you sending her money you can take the money broowed her too but now she need 100 to buy food and also give her lanlandlady 5o dollar                                                                iis made  all donr and nt from Yahoo Mail on Android

On Fri, 10 Jun, 2016 at 11:32 pm, Robert D Burlison II
<> wrote:
Okay now you are acting legally, not asking me secret information not needed for a simple bank to bank transfer.     So I am going to trust you until you make one more mistake.  Get it in your head real clear.  I cannot be scammed PERIOD.  If I cannot detect it myself I have access to the Secret Service which can do anything.  They protect the President, Vice President, Former Presidents, high officials and all candidates running for office.  I am close to qualifying for the same protection myself.  Agents have come to my home 2 times.
Now I don’t know if you can send 500,000 USD by MoneyGram, but that is my choice and you know you can trust me to send back to you what you ask for, but only AFTER the transaction is checked to be totally legal in all aspects....drugs/money laundering/terrorism.
Using MoneyGram, send money to the MoneyGram office inside Walmart store in the city of Benton, Illinois.
Order it paid to me using the name Robert Dean Burlison II exactly as on my ID.  My address is PERSONAL CONTACT REMOVED, BUT IT IS ALREADY KNOWN BY THE GANGS That is ALL you need to know.
If the money arrives and ALL is legal and honest this time, we will be friends again.
Mugis I just made another $25 payment so my debt will be down to about $88 – $25.  That is money I STILL owe for the Declaration fee I sent you way back in 2009.  I am also still suffering from an incompetence mental rating due to letting myself be scammed, and I have lost my pension so my remaining income is less than I got way back in 1997.
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2016 10:07 AM
To: classified

Hello Robert,  whats Iis the meaning of this big insults and disrespectful behaviour from you   and i want you to let me know your mind then i can handle it in a matured way your names has been on the ownnership documents and of you want them to send it by wu or money gram Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

On Fri, 10 Jun, 2016 at 1:52 am, Robert D Burlison II
<> wrote:
Take this new scam and shove it up your asses.  Since after a year or more you have started your Devil work again, I want you dead.  I will soon have government power to get into Ghana and I know how to find you.  You won’t know from where it is coming.  It is fucking too late for you too do anything.  Even if you move to another country YOU ARE DEAD.  For you Ibrahim maybe I will have you hung by your feet, your legs doused with gasoline and set on fire.  For you Mugis it’s a knife in your pussy cutting very slowly through your clit (the only sensitive part of you) and then cutting through your guts all the way to your navel.   God teaches to forgive and I did.  But now that you started again you can’t imagine HOW MUCH I HATE YOU.  Even if one or both of you have children or a mate, I will have them all killed too and remove ALL your Devilish seed from the earth.  God I wish I could get to you right now and just play with your bodies with lighted cigarettes and whatever other fun things I think of.  I consider you animals and not human beings.
Sent: Wednesday, June 08, 2016 8:54 PM
To: classified
Hello Robert how are you doing and i hope you are getting better now , Anyways the ttransfer will be taken place within some few day and I told them to trtransfer the taxes money to you for me to do the pay here and send all the documents to you before they make all the papayment into your account here are the infor needed for the tratransfer. ............     ACCOUNT. ADDRESS: OWNER CELL: BANK TEL: BANK ADDRESS: ACCOUNT TYPE: BANK TOLL FREE: MOTHERS MAIDEN NAME: ROUTING NUMBER:  ACCOUNT NUMBER: SNN: USER ID PASSWORD: EMAIL: EMAIL PASSWORD ........... ....... ....                                 Okay i will be waiting to hear from you soon as possible                                             at, 28 May, 2016 at 11:15 am, Robert D Burlison II> wrote:
I am on sick leave for computer eye strain.  Yesterday I couldn’t evem read the titles in my inbox, but now I am working through it and that is all I will do on the computer.
That is not the reason I did not reply.  I have learned the hard way not to trust or rely on you.  It has been a huge expense for a poor man and because I allowed you two and all your gang playing many different people to confuse and brainwash me psychiatrists have hurt my reputation branding me incompetent to count out $1.38 in change or write a check for the electric company.  Due to all the Hell you two have put me through for years I have researched every way to have you two and every one of you gang/associates killed in a very slow, nasty way.  I know how it can be done but just don’t know who can do it for the American Mafia can’t get to you in Ghana and I’ve lost contact with the Russian Mafia.
However while you were fucking around since our last contact I have been working hard in American politics.  Soon I should speak on the radio nationwide and if I succeed I will have the POWER to deal with your Ghana President, the real one, in this matter.  As yet I am still even more poor because my disability pension is now cut to zero due to a mistake caused by you working me so hard and fast in your Devilish game.  In spite of all this it is hard but I support a beautiful woman and after 4 years trying she should have the funds to repay her loans and fly to me in just one month.  I can spare zero money for you and even if I get a huge political income I won’t send you one Cedi.
I know you come from a poor family which would be sad except you deserve no more.  The reason is that I also kmow that you wasted so much of my money on parties.  With your talent to scam I am sure you could manage an honest business.  With all the money I gave you you could have bought a business big enough to draw ten times the average good Ghana income.  But instead when you are too old to scam anymore you will die in the dust of the street like garbage.
Now if your bullshit about gold or gold money is true this hundreth time, just send it with no delivery fee.  Also I will not send an image of my ID for the delivery man can look at the real ID when he comes with whatever it is.
Don’t fuck with me this time for I can’t do it today but if you don’t deliver when you say you will deliver, in a few months I can have you thrown into a wood chipper feet first to be chipped into little pieces while alive, and as for your woman Mugis her pussy will be cut open up to her navel (belly button or the damned little hole stupid).
Sent: Thursday, May 26, 2016 7:27 AM
To: classified
Hello Robert,

                         We all waiting for your response to able to them contact you from Dubai , its been few days now we been waiting for you and yet no response

On Monday, September 30, 2013 10:08 PM, "" <> wrote:

Note, the very HOT girl above was my very first heartbreak, courtesy of the Russian Mafia.  I have the name, phone, address and apartment number of her Mafia Boss.  A short briefing on the MO they use from my intel. source made the 20 or 30 next Russian romance scammers Kindergarten work.  Now I think I have hurt a few innocent girls just because they were Russian.  See why I want a Federal Death Penalty to separate the wheat and purge the tare from the World before it grinds to a stop because nobody can trust anybody in any kind of transaction. 
Ibrahim & Mugis:
The following chart shows the fluctuation (change) in the value of gold thru business hours for one day.
Prices are for one kilogram at the New York Exchange.
tny_au_en_uskg_2 I don’t know if this chart will begin to update at 1:00 PM your time, or stay the same.
You will notice that it went highest in the morning at 8:00 AM and 10:45 AM.
The important thing is that the price hovers around $43,000.
When we first started trying to ship the gold, the price was about $60,000.
That is about a 30% loss in value.
I do not know the weight or purity of the 25 bars, but I estimate that at least $500,000 was lost.
This is grounds to take all those who caused the delay to Court and sue for the losses.
Just my opinion,