Wednesday, November 27, 2013

#BB4SP: On Thanksgiving say thanks to our troops for their...

#BB4SP: On Thanksgiving say thanks to our troops for their...: By: Diane Sori Tomorrow is Thanksgiving…a day we thank God Almighty for all we have been blessed with…a day to thank Him for th...

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

#BB4SP: SarahPAC ~> Let's Give Thanks

#BB4SP: SarahPAC ~> Let's Give Thanks: Friends, Thanksgiving offers us invaluable time to spend with our family and reflect on our many blessings. In 1789, George Washington...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obama is purging the military of Commanders who will refuse to fire on American civilians.
These same civilians pay the Commanders' salary, build and pay for all their weapons, ammo , fuel and food and Veteran benefits and retirement.
We own everything except the troops who we hire.
Any Dog-Ass Commander who fires on US is a TREASONOUS Hypocrite.

Conversely, we civilians cannot fire on our own troops.
They are family, sons, daughters, husband, wives

The military is given a gift of power over life and death.  When the Commander in Chief is no longer competent or no longer loyal to the People, it is THE DUTY of the military to walk into the White House and escort the Commander in Chief out

It is not right to fight a bloody Civil War II just to eliminate the power of one lousy man.

In Washington's time there was no huge standing, active duty army.  They fought the Revolution and went back to the plow.
Today the military has the best guns, yet the Second Amendment applies to them as well, to stand up and retake the Government back for the lesser armed People.

Afterwards until elections can be held, or the MAN WHO CAME IN SECOND in the last election takes office, a short period of Martial Law should exist.
This would be useful to purge big drug dealers (not the little guy just trying to make food money) by firing squad.

I voted for B.O. because he by law would not run in 2016  whereas his opponent could run and I would have no chance against an incumbent.
It got my dander up when B.O. asked for a 3rd term.

I voted for B.O. because of the glitz and I was a Democrat as is most of the town I think.

What gave B.O. the Knowledge and glitz to do what he is doing?  To infiltrate the country up to the highest level; the ULTIMATE SPY.
The answer is obvious.  He fits the mold, all aspects of an anti-Christian,

Proof of this will come if he is ever wounded in the head and survives.  This is possible for a young black child was a victim of a drive by shooting.  He lost half of his brain, yet still went to college.

I wonder if B.O. is man enough (should such occur) to accept that "it is written" and give Executive Pardon to the shooter.
Nope, I doubt that "it is written" in the Koran.
I am not Catholic but I think it was Pope John Paul who forgave his shooter and he was not the Big Anti with any army to speak of. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

I respect this MAN

Think about it, the prospect of becoming homeless is terrifying!
This is especially true as you put on some age.
He must have some medications.
How does he protect them from thieves and addicts as he sleeps wherever he can?

I have been ever so close to the street a few times.
In between jobs about a year out of the U.S.A.F., I found myself living in the YMCA.
I was waiting for the summer quarter to start back in college and finish my degree on the G.I. Bill.
Some kind of public aid paid the rent at the Y, but left little for food.  I remember serious discussions with my friend over buying a 20 cent egg or saving the money.
Of course most college students feel hunger pangs.
After college I got a job servicing ATMs over about a 20x30 mile area from downtown Chicago to the far suburbs.  But it was a get to work by 9 am and home by 12 am six days a week.  I got fired.   The manager at one of the banks I had serviced had offered me the job of caring for all the electronics in the bank, but I had my heart set on Texas.  Every night when the Chicago station went off the air, the classical WRR station would come in all the way from Dallas.  I had big dreams for myself in Dallas.

So I arrived in Dallas and within an hour found a no lease efficiency and moved in.
However it would take 5 or 6 months to find work... even averaging three interviews a day.
So, things seemed hopeless but I kept writing home that I had some good prospects.

So it came about that I had eaten one meal a day for a week or more and nothing for three days.  I laid down on the bed and started to wait until I would pass out.  In a few days the manager would come for the rent and find me before my corpse smelled up the place.

Suddenly I knew I had mail.  Figuring it was from Mom and I would have to write one more lie about my condition, I floated dizzily down to the mailbox.  Surprise, it was not a letter but rather a telegram offering me a job as an "engineering writer" at General Dynamics.  And the $14,000 salary was great.

I delayed the interview for ten days and sent for the rest of my savings and ate well until I could stand up from the counter without a light headed sway.
Note that I had set aside exactly half of my savings as something to leave for my Mom once I began to loose faith in my ability to find work.

So, the technical writing job became 58 hour weeks always pushing yourself to produce faster.  Every other Saturday we worked 8 hours for nothing because we exceeded allowed overtime.  I also felt like I was cleaning up so many mistakes by others.  Dr. Rose, the head of logistics wanted to talk to me for 10 minutes about maintaining F-16 flight simulators at Edwards Air Force Base, but I was dumb enough to ask the boss who said "Oh no, you can't do that".  So I went back to work and 14 cups of coffee per day.

So, for the first time since I quit Pepperidge Farm to enlist, I interviewed for another job on a Sunday, but that job was purged within six months by the New York Headquarters.
The two significant things that happened during the short lived job were that the idea for compressing radio bandwidth which the boss said would not work turned out to be, out of all the engineers in the world, a patent held by my boss.   The other happening was a very quick reply from Jimmy Carter's White House asking me to refrain and explaining why I should not go to Iran to help free the U.S. Embassy hostages.

So, I was out of work again, but assumed I would find work very soon, so I did not bother to apply for unemployment.

Six long years later I saw a TV ad about shattered lives and went to the counselling place, only to be directed to another place which promptly called the police and I ended up in the State Hospital "for a rest".  Yes I did drink eleven cups of coffee every morning to get the stiffness out.  30 days later I was caffeine free and feeling strong.  But one year later I was having coffee, just a reasonable amount, and a weakness came over me.  After trying to fight it for 20 - 30 minutes, I told the manager yes he could call an ambulance.  They determined it was just an irregular heartbeat and did not transport me.  But a female paramedic looked me in the eye and said "take care of yourself".     I did not go to the psych emergency room as the ambulance crew told me because that costs a lot.  Very soon after the anxiety attacks began.  These symptoms changed over time but the first was the sensation of electricity in my arms, legs, back and chest; my whole body such that I took short six inch steps.

I do not want to discuss any more symptoms.  They were just really bad and I don't recall them well as there are no words to describe them.

So, that is why I was out of work for 3 DECADES with no medical insurance and surviving for 17 of those years on a $70,000 inheritance.  Then the Veterans Administration gave me a non-military related (smaller) disability pension.  Now the anxiety attacks are 99% gone but I am now almost aged 66 and not in good shape.

So, Franklin D Roosevelt was so ill that he died in office.  However I debate whether the above statements should cause me to disqualify myself.

You can find more of my biography at...
The Website is not as neat as it was before changing hosts.

Currently I am supporting my wife to be overseas until I can save airfare to bring her here.  Not only do I have the immigration department to deal with, but she will have to work part-time to pay for her Obamacare and build up some Social Security.  If she earns more than her medical expenses that extra income is deducted from my pension.  In other words she would work for nothing in a sense.  I do not want her to support me and I want her to have her own car.  Legally we can own a house (mine is an old mobile) a car (mine is an Impala LTZ needing work) and have $80,000 savings and still qualify for the pension.  I have a couple of dollars in savings until payday.

Yes the Oval Office is a job to me and it comes with a salary to make up for all my lost working years.  But if I were in that office, I would change the retirement to half the active Presidential pay for a single term and 3/4 pay for two terms ENDING after 10 years whether or not you are dead.  Why?  Because if you save and invest in municipal bonds you can be earning $100k to $250k in tax free interest.