Saturday, December 10, 2016

Marriage & Divorce Laws

News:  America is mobile, we have cars and moving vans and relocation services.  However you are married or divorced under the LAWS OF THE STATE you are living in at the time.  Except for uncoordinated changes by the Congresses of individual States it is roughly the same as it was 100 years ago.

Yes there are State's Rights which can be good for there may be peculiar factors for some couples in some States such as the division of a home and property verses division of a cattle ranch.

I believe that there should be Federal Laws under which you can choose to marry and if you do and a file for divorce is placed, the divorce too should be under the Federal Laws you selected when you married.  The REASON is simply consistency so you know that your prenuptial agreements will be valid as written by the lawyer licensed in the State where you married.

If President Trump accepts me as one of his advisers I will suggest he find 50 good lawyers from the 50 States to start formulating Universal Federal Laws and to keep it simple for this matter.

I have no idea if , as a man, I am in a good State in case I must divorce my future wife and I should not have to worry about it.  A resident of any State who is also a U.S. citizen should have the option of marrying under a Federal Law.

Let me tell you about my query on getting married to my fiancee as soon as I can get her to America.

Because it will take the immigration authorities 9 months to process her K1 visa which allows us to marry with my paying a huge fine and serving a few years in prison and my woman being banned from the U.S. for 10 years I said to her "the Hell with the Government" and we said our vows ( a-e-i-o-u, LOL) by typing thru the internet and married ourselves.

Now since we will not be able to afford separate accommodations and a second car for the job she gets with her work visa I wanted to marry sort of officially since we would be living together while thw K1 visa was worked on and I was a Latter Day Saint at the time.

So I tried to ask the Bishop if he would marry us by the authority of God instead of saying "by the authority of the State of Illinois.  He  was too afraid of loosing his license to listen and cut me off before I mentioned "by the authority of God".  All he would have had to do was go though the motions, have Faith and Believe that his action had God's approval.  Of course I did not expect the Spiritual Marriage to have any legal effects such as her making medical decisions if was unconscious.

Now later I found out that my barber is also a Minister and he is a REAL MAN.  Besides my photo with the Thunderbirds and I think a black & white Blue Angels photo, his own photo of him with his sax next to Roy Clark with his guitar (Grand Ol' Opry) hangs on the wall.  There used to be huge weights in the back room that he lifted but he has a lot of metal in his neck since a 380 pound rock hit him in a coal mine.

Anyway as a Minister he really knows his stuff.  He has a book with 100 ways to say the vows and Blessing.  But he also said marrying a couple amounted to nothing for the were not married until they took the completed license to the court house across the street.  In fact a couple could just file the license without him.  So he is the MAN I want to perform our ceremony.

I know that I look too old for her but this photo of my woman is about six years old as of today 12/10/2016.  It is a long story as to why I have no current photo.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

BBC News...BIG Take Down of Cyber Crime Network

If you think the Clinton's aren't evil, watch this!


Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America can do even MORE with my input.

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