Thursday, April 20, 2017

Weaklings in Churches

This post is here to be referred to on Twitter and other sites.  It is NOT meant to INSULT YOU if it does not apply.

I have quit 2 churches.  In fact the Latter Day Saints director said that if I show up the police will escort me out.

Having serious decisions to make if President Trump ever hires me I needed to talk to the Bishop about the morality of using nuclear weapons (as is imminent right now) on millions of people.

In order to get his attention away from some petty business I made the analogy that a nuclear bomb does not discriminate.  I said that the church would be blown away virtually at the same instant the topless bar was hit 5 miles down the road.  I got no attention so I was tired and went home.  Soon the police knocked at my door.  It was reported that I threatened to blow up the church and hurt the Bishop who is much younger and must duck thru doorways.

Church or no church I will not go back until the liar is exposed and we settle the matter in the parking lot.

The second church healed my eyes  (for about 45 minutes) but the minister was to weak to handle this joke...
"I have a very tough and serious morality problem for you:
You know nudity is not allowed on TV during hours when children may be watching.
Also in America women wear either an A, B, C or D bra.
Well the other day on National Geographic when children could be watching I saw a black African woman wearing absolutely nothing but a Z bra."
I had sent him good stuff for he said he was confused by Facebook so I deleted the blue backed silver letterhead I made for him, the video of the exoplanet Ceres and everything I sent him, told him he was Blocked and I would never return to his church.

Now as I see it, our tough troops stand between Christians in America and ISIS but if they are going to be candy-asses let ISIS come and see if thy will not run or fight back but go silently like Christ to their beheadings.

I have a church now which so far is good, but I need no church at all to be conservative or against abortion.  I prefer a Chaplin like in the military and at the Veterans hospital.  I am with God and Jesus and nobody else matters if they are hypocrites or cowards.

Now here is a video to see how tough a Christian you are.  It shows why Jesus preferred to hang-out with sinners because they had seen things and were not bores.  Oh the Mormon Bishop asked all the veterans to stand one day.  I felt awkward but stood up.  It is a large church and when I looked around only 4 or 5 were standing.
Here's the video...