Tuesday, June 7, 2016

"THIS IS HILARIOUS"... a Speech too Long for it's original page

I received another long list of job offers with this Marriott Concierge job among them.
It's funny because I am more likely to say thank you Sir to one who helps ME with the door or accepts one of my political leaflet.  Considering the healthy diet most rich people enjoy at every meal I am more likely to tell a customer to eat what's on the plate or go to bed hungry.
As for absorbing harsh words, I read an insulting comment on Facebook and replied that I am 68 and he is not so I would have to finish him in the first 5 seconds or get my butt kicked.  It was much longer and more violent than I have space for here, detailing the 2 death blows I can still use with my good arm, one of which used by Navy Seals is Top Secret.  I quit messing around with diplomacy for I have worked so hard on the computer for years for my GOAL that in the last 4 days I was struck blind twice.  God arranged the second time to be in church which usually has a large congregation with visitors from out of State.  I got to speak to them as Witnesses to my PAIN and the effects of day / night work trying to see the screen long enough to finish a task in spite of the pain which once sent me to the ER 4 days in a row.
I have been visited twice by 2 different Secret Service agents, one I could take and the other I could not.  I am risking my life against ISIS, Hillary's long list of mysterious deaths (she knows that IF I die she end up in a wood chipper) and now my agent friend warned me that I could be arrested for Harassment just for calling the wrong level number 4 times over one and a half months.  He also made some assumptions beyond his shoot - don't shoot training which ticked me off.  However I didn't chew him out because he is my LAST RESORT to get a harmless introductory note to TRUMP..
I have a million+ aware of me worldwide, 7,500 VIP such as NATO< NASA, Hollywood and like professions in Australia and England, Paris Hilton, Montel Williams, GOP Senate and House and even the Democrats., a Malaysian Princess and Saudi Royal Senior Counsel in Shariah Law with whom I blew the diplomatic bull I was feeding him so he's afraid to reply to my email now.  It would be a hard decision, the neutron bomb, for me since I know Muslim friends in Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan and even Iran, but TRUMP threatened to stop buying Saudi oil and I did not know that we could, being enslaved to it.  So in my agenda were much more lethal plans only lacking in details like getting all foreign nationals out without alerting the target population and assuring Russia and China that the trajectory of the preemptive attack was nowhere near them and that I clearly understood Putin's words "civilized countries". I am truly a Dark Horse Washington OUTSIDER, unspoiled.  If a lobbyist offer me a Rolex I will take it and sell it then make the decision the way I know I should until the Lobbyist give up on bribing me.  But for just one short 4 year term I need to be onthe INSIDE to do things like fixing the VA, becoming energy independent and clean without loosing jobs in the coal country where I live, repairing and re-engineering the Interstates and bridges with little impact on the taxpayer, and talking to the Joint Chiefs about my 2 DIS-assembly lines to rid US and the World of ISIS and Hezbollah, and unlike Liberals who just want to give give give I will use the Third World to actually help our economy and lower taxes while raising up poor countries to stand on their own feet.  This is all easy if you THINK.  I can't even afford to patent my solar invention but if in power, maybe with my own money I can prototype it and if it works it will cheaply turn the Peruvian Desert green.  I don't want to over-runspace so thanks and God Bless.
Please help spread this info.  If you can afford an ad in Right Wing Red to stand out that's great.  If they run out of ink the papers can use Communist Red, LOL.  If I can heal my eyes I may speak on PBS FM nationwide to spread the following and a few other Words.   Media can greatly lessen my workload so my eyes can heal for the DC job, but all the press, radio and TV just look and don't lift a finger to help me.
Robert Dean Burlison II on Google

TO ME THE WHITE HOUSE IS NOT JUST A PLACE TO HOLD FANCY INTERNATIONAL DINNERS BUT ALSO A PLACE TO KICK BUTT.  It is also a Holy place, the center of One Nation Under God... and for me the former home of my cousin via Great, Great Grandmother Cordelia Lincoln Revelle and also John Adams which relation is very distant.  Unlike Obama I will ask Donald to leave Abe's bedroom unused so I can stop by in hopes of some inspiration for great quotes.  Also though it is just a graven image I want to visit Abe's Memorial often for I hope it will be a strong focal point for God to speak to me and guide me in this job which is way beyond my humble abilities.
The computer MATCHED me 86% with TRUMP but we are complimentary, he is rich and powerful and I am poor and humble..  Recently news is that Trump may concede and cut Social Security and Medicare but I live on that, $623 per month, and I know how he can make cuts, only because he has seen there is no choice due to Congressional borrowing, without hurting to little guy.  I also want to tell Trump of one self-sacrificing move he can make the will fix him in History with Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan and Washington who refused to be King of America and at the END of his term just walked out back to his farm.
Finally I want to add my words to the famous Teddy Roosevelt's quote "Tread Lightly and carry a Big Stick".  In rare cases, sometimes you have to USE the STICK lest enemies grow to think you are bluffing and allies, as now under Obama, think you are weak and unreliable.  Don't worry, I think I have planned against all angles of vengeance so I won't get all or even any of you blown away.
NOTE: I have removed all the Hard words for those of you afraid of the word "pooh" and can't find any more but the fickle Website keeps saying error, inappropriate language.
LISTEN, I believe it's in my blog link above, I have to use strong words that tough people who live close to the Devil will know are serious.  I addressed the Mafia on just how things would be and how I would put them to work enforcing peace in the inner cities where crime is a birth right so my plans to raise them out of poverty and reduce taxes more can be implemented.  All of my plans kill more than one bird with a stone.  For instance inner cities would become safe for retired whites to buy safe, cheaper food and goods.  Small shops away from the main streets the customers would feel safe entering for a 16 year old white girl would be there working with the Blacks or Hispanics.  The frail little girl would be safe under Mafia protection.  She otherwise would have joined the run aways who get sold to human traffickers.  I know first hand that the Mafia in both Chicago and Texas can be gentlemen for I worked a short time in a Mafia owned corporation and the Chairman Mr. NiCastro came down with the Vice President to shake my hand.  In Texas just when I began to feel subtle hints inside my body of my nerves snapping from long unemployment, a bookie offered me a job with great benefits to collected gambling debts.  Though he talked of having many guns and such he was a nice guy and I listened because he was buying the beer, but I didn't accept for my intelligence would cross the thin line to insanity in a boring prison cell.  Still I could have done the job for I don't respect people who welch on abet solely because the bookie does pay up when they win.  I only have 2 real experiences to handle such a job. 1. Going with a deep cover Narc friend on a buy and 2.  Going deep into Angeles City, P.I. far from the main gate to protect a little GI after I couldn't persuade him note to buy drugs.  I hated it but I had rather him buy his drugs than be killed. It was in an alley with one bright light bulb making it hard to find a shadow to duck into if 12 Philippinos with buterfly knives, switch blades and a multitude of nastier weapons showed up. God arrange that I met that little Airman a few days later and he told me that the drugs were sugar pills.  It was the only time I was HAPPY to see a fellow GI ripped off.  Now we were just USAF but we bumped into a MARINE on a pitch black back street.  We asked him to walk with us but he went the other way for about 50 feet when sure enough a jeepney rounded the corner full of guys with knives and cut down to parking lights.  Both of us sprinted on the slippery brick road yelling KILL, KILL.  LOL it was so dark I almost bumped into the Marine again HARD.  I have no idea what my friends did for it was too dark to coordinate an attack.  All I know is I jumped onto the back step of the now retreating jeepney and was just shy of having enough body weight to flip it on it's side and follow my plan to open the gas tank under the front seat and set it on fire.
Please don't be afraid of me.  God has put me in several situations with 1 or 2 guys "in my face" and once about 16 of them who were afraid to get in my face when I begged them too.  I never struck out.  When young I was a bully victim and coward but that changed in a flash my freshman year in college.
To ALL male and female active and veteran troop who have seen real official combat or died I apologize for calling myself a Vet.  LOL a girl in my post military college calle dme to her room saying "you're a "Vet", you've seen this before".  Turned out she had me patch up her dog who was hit by a car.
As I said, don't be afraid for I have nothing against the People.  In fact the corporate industry has treated me like dirt and I will now only work for the People.  I want YOU to hire (vote for) me with Trump for I really need the job and God has removed the fear of failure and even given me a little public speaking experience though like Jefferson I am more relaxed with the pen.
God has Blessed me with a -1 kill record, obvious having not been in combat, and the minus one means I never killed anybody but, not counting the GI buying drugs, I reacted fast enough to catch a man when the tail gate of our troop truck fell open and I thus saved one life..  Two hardest decisions of my life, oh I'm tired and forgot one, one was to warn Dago Red my friend at the YMCA who was just as hungry as I.  He told me that he sold $10 worth of marijuana dusted with horse (heroin) for food money.  In a 3 second decision I warned him not to sell anything to my other friend the Narc and in a firm voice ordered him not to have the Narc killed.  A few days later I asked and the Narc had just been told to leave town.  Oh, the other decision was to tell the doctor not to keep my real father alive as a vegetable after his motorcycle head injury.  From that experience I recognized the white triangular thing the coroner's assistant picked up.  It was smaller than my dad's missing piece of skull because it came from the head of a little girl crushed under the tires of a garbage truck.  That bought TV cameras 25 feet from my apartment.  Then later just a couple hundred yard away something hit the news again because it happened in wealthy North Dallas.  By God's close timing I missed being a victim of an automatic fire drive by shooting.  I don't remember details of all and am probably not up to date.  I did not consider my cancer but years ago I carefully considered coincidence vs Miracle and counted 28 times God has saved me by a hair only needing 7 stitches in the soft tissue of my knee when I flew off of my motorcycle, over the hood of the pick up and landed in the oncoming lane in front of a semi truck.  I saw the knee bone in that incident and instantly changed from a chemistry major to biology, LOL.  Again to combat veteran, specifically those with Purple Hearts,  I know that a wound can put you in shock, feeling nothing even when they stitch you up until the next day when you can't bare to lift your head 2 inches off the pillow to go to class. 
Thank you all and please pray I get into office for after decades of disability I have again to earn my Honor back and I want to live my last years out of the poverty gutter, afford gas and lodging (not sleep with one eye open and a weapon in hand on the side of the road) to tavel the scenic highways of America and maybe even take a Viking River Cruise thru Europe.  I have dreams to cut it down to "empty nest" size for just me and my wife if I can ever afford to fly her to the USA, but with modifications the Morgan Pond Court model at
www.kyd.com is one of my dream homes.  I live in an old trailor now.  I have another dream home which I saw only the back off in the photo but did the radical archetecture in my head to complete it.  It's in the multimillion dollar class.  Goodbye I have little time to rest now before attempting to contact my fiancee in Africa.  She is the only one that understands me though we have yet to meet in person.  She is beautiful but also the only woman I truly respect for she has seen tough times too.  Some things are secret for political reason, but she has had malaria and I think dengie fever and from the 4 years of stress we and her family have been under it took a lot of expensive medicine to stop her ulcer.
I have realized that America is NOT the land of the Brave for many wimps are here too getting a free ride based on birth right without doing zilch for the country.  They have legal right but no God Given Right to citizenship over the illegal aliens.  America should be FOR the Brave and not OF the Brave.  Remember the ALIEN movies?  The cops wouldn't mess with them, so they were actually LEGAL ALIENS until they ate a Human LOL