Saturday, April 23, 2016


I have worked so hard 7 days/nights per week since late 2012 for my determined goal.  I can hardly see now and need time to rest and heal my eyes so that I am capable of doing the job I want.  My apology in advance if my words decay from the politically correct for I am angry.  Never fear, the Secret Service was at my home 2 days ago and I am no threat.  On the other hand, I come to you as a last resort for I fear you may try to render all of my work and pain to nothing due to our political differences.  I have about 7,500 friends and followers and a million+ aware of me worldwide and blogs like the link I will give you are read worldwide. A few names: Paris Hilton, Montel Williams, NATO General ? secret, NASA manager ? secret, Malaysian Princess, Saudi Royal, Navy Seals, 2 Thunderbird and Blue Angels pilots, a State and a US Senator, Mayor of a city in Washington State and so on.
Now the reason I am writing is to get advice and maybe the favor of using your clout to get a damned simple message to Trump.  The Secret Service made such a big deal of it that it showed disgusting ignorance.
Trump does not allow homemade banners at his rallies.  If I could mine would read "Donald, I know you are no coward but your staff makes you appear to be.  Talk to me, I don't bite".
The message I want to get to Trump is just the following link to introduce and break the ice to talk later about foreign affairs, economy and every other issue.  I cannot be specific for I am also posting this non-securely to tens of thousands of my friends for my own security.
Here is the link.  You may read it...   Aside to the Secret Service:  Heaven forbid Trump should get a dangerous paper cut when the note with the link is handed to him...BULL POO, I promised that my words would decay.  Thanks, Robert

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Opposite Sex

My friend and I were on the beach in our swim trunks.  My friend said "I don't know.  I work out a lot but the girls just ignore me".
I took a look and told him "Put a potato in your trunks".
He came back an hour later "Now the girls shun me even worse.  They get up and walk away".
So I took another look and saw the problem "Put the potato in the front".

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Little Doggie

ANIMAL RIGHTS:  Please show kindness.
Have your Liberals spayed or neutered.


EXTREMELY URGENT- I don't have to tell this, but I TRUST the People more than Bureaucrats

First I am going to announce a Miracle.  The Veteran Affairs eye doctors finally got their heads out of their asses after over a year of off and on intense pain and repeating infections.  They gave me allergen eye drops, and after just 2 doses I am almost like new except for the permanent damage to my vision.  At least I can write this following story.

You by now have probably heard many politicans talk negatively about the Veteran Affairs (VA).  Now I am going to tell you some as I recall of the nitty gritty dirt that I know from personal experience.  This is inside information.  Ignore the time sequence of event for I am hurrying and want to get thru with this trashy business a quickly as possible.  You should have noticed that I am beginning to use hard language instead of my usuall dainty, politically correct words.  It is my way of clarifying how angered and disgusted I am.  The words will probably get worse.  So if your dainty personality can't handle it, go crawl in your corner and hide now with all the other Liberals.

Why am I writing this now?  Because I am trying my last resort to get the following TIME CRITICAL message to Donal J. Trump.  I am using the Secret Service.  Here is the initial message for Donald to break to ice and introduce...  Lo God in Heaven, please don't let Donald get a dangerous paper cut when the Service hands him the message!    I am writing this to admit to the World that I have had psychiatric treatment as I admitted to the Secret Service for I knew that they would find out and my cover-up would be a black mark against me resulting in being judged just another CRAZY as usual without a chance to defend myself.

I was warned in the militay that I would loose my Secret Clearance if I even talked to a psychiatrist.  I later found out the hard way why this is true.  As I recall I had a little hassle in getting my second civilian Secret Clearance to work on the F-16 aircraft.

My first visit to a damned shrink was a Hines VA hospital.  I expected a source of wisdom and advice but that's not what I got.  I was recently discharged and I had just 4 questions to ask the shrink...why did my step father not respect me after doing so well in the service...why did women just shun me when I tried to get a date...why with all my training could I not get a job...I forgot the 4th question, but it all should have taken 15 minutes as an outpatient consultation.  However I could see that they were planning in their little minds to make me an inpatient.  I assumed that this was due to the underaged tart who set up my appointment the day day before.  She asked what it was about and I said that I did not want to say.  She said that I had to say to get an appointment.  So I thought the Hell with it and told her it was about sex.  She almost fell out of her chair and began writing dozens of words in her little book from the few words I had told her.

So the night before my appointment I believe I watched a Hitchcock movie about a wealthy woman in a psych. hospital who was keep constantly drugged so the administration could syphon off her money.  Also that night my mother went into one of her raves, stomping her feet real loud thru the house.  She said "you're so crazy, if you go there they'll lock you up forever."  It was midnight and I was tired.  I needed some sleep to make my 8:30 appointment a considerable drive away.  But my mother's ravings had actually driven me, an ex-Sergeant, to my tiny room to sit in the dark against the closet door in the fetal position.  I couldn't sleep in that house for fear of what she might do when I was asleep.

So I left the house at about midnight to go to a restaurant and drink coffee all night in order to be at my appointment on time at 8:30.

At the hospital the skeleton keys in doors too thick for me to kick thru spooked me.  Also there was a big electrical cabinet which I assumed was for electric shock treatments.  That treatment causes you to forget the last 2 weeks and I could not afford that for I was chief witness in a F.B.I. / State's Attouney case.  So I quickly scanned that machine for what gages to take out with my feet in front and what wires I could safely rip out of the back with my bare hands.

I must cut this story short for it's a load on me.  I will finish quickly this first story and leave the rest for another time.

When I am at my appointment on time at 8:30 AM I expect the doctor to be there in a reasonable time.  It was not until 4:30 PM that I saw him.  After so many hours without food or rest of course as he wrote in his report I was aggitated.  My arms were shaking.   I never took time to ask my 4 damned questions.  I demanded my Rights as an American Citizen to be let out of there and demanded a copy of my statement.  While he was gone to the copy machine I noticed he had left the exit door open.  I picked up my now heavy suitcase and silently left.  I called it a covert action, but the doctor reported that I had eloped which looks bad on my record.  I had to explain and convince authorities of all this bullshit in order to be Cleared to work on the F-16.  I really needed the job for I was literally starving.   I could no longer feel the hunger, just light headed dizziness.  I accepted the fact that I was dying and lay down on the bed waiting to pass-out.  I figured the manager would come for the rent and find me before my corpse stunk-up the place.  But God sent me a message to check my mail one last time.  It was a telegram from General Dynamics offering me the job.

I have many more stories but my eyes are hurting again now and this "rambling" have grown too long.  I will say as Donald Trump says "you're fired".  Many VA personnel who have bureaucratic power to make my life miserable and full of disgrace will be dismissed if I make it into office.  Their GS ratings and Clearances if any will be nullified and they will be denied work at any government or military facillity.  Since they are too ignorant to know what long term unemployment does to the mind they can learn the hard way.  And Honor which I struggled so hard to retain, they can learn the meaning of that word too.

Thank you for baring with me and God Bless, Robert.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

The Vice President has an Agenda too, as part of the TEAM

TRUMP - BURLISON 2016...this is Burlison and here is part of my personal agenda hoped to be approved by President Donald Trump...

This is copied and pasted from Facebook so some references may not be understood...

Tou think that ALL on here are Conservatives for Trump and basically good people like We the People. However your positive attitudes can leave you open for attack from "friends". I am in the most vulnerable spot because I accept everyone who has a vote and more.
I have detected 4 scam artists via my messenger on Facebook. The last was very professional, impersonating the Walmart Heiress C. R. Walton. I needed only a few hundred dollars, but she (he) wanted to support me politically with $500,000 or $1,000,000. The last message I read said that I was to send 125/150 dollars (I don't have it) to her secretary in Fort Worth, Sonia Sofia something, a very Italian / Sicilian name. I was angered that it was just another glorified version of the common 419 scam.
I have been trying to contact the Mafia because this issue can be resolved with a few words in the right places, without violence. I also filed a complaint at .
I never have much time For Facebook messenger. Do you think you could get thru to TRUMP like you get thru to me?? However I took time to chat with one lady in uniform by the Flag, am Officer I think but I won't say which Branch of the military she was in for she was unlikely an intel. officer. She said I was mad and I responded "Young lady, if you think I am mad just unfriend me. Goodbye". I love our troops and fellow vets, but as I recall I was still busy with the Mafia and I have no time for cracker heads military or not.
As I said elsewhere I think I can get some of my own agenda passed with Trump. One such is a Federal Death Penalty. I am fed up with the security fears we all have to deal with. Death would be solely for scam artists, ID thieves and those who produce malware and do things like stealing files from your PC or inserting it into you PC and charging a high price to remove what they put in. I know from experience that these people care nothing about taking a poor man's late dollar and I care nothing for their lives (scum of the earth).
Since we cannot catch them all I give a guess at 10%, thus similar to the Rico Act, the caught convict takes the fall for 9 others and as the Romans did he is Decimated with the death penalty.
As for juvenile computer whizzes who play with and use malware against innocent people, their PC would be removed be it his personal one or the family computer and his juvenile record would not be sealed when he comes of age. He would be banned from all jobs requiring the trust of a security clearance and placed on a Black List available to employers who use computers on the job. This law would be clearly explained in high school.
Foreign Policy: Some of our "civilized" friends may agree to this. However all of the countries that get aid from US will be given an ultimatum to sign an extradition treat for scammers to come to the USA and face death. Also money lost by scam victims would be deducted from the aid before it is sent. That's incentive to get off of there asses and catch the scammers.
The IC3 accepts online Internet crime complaints from either the actual victim or from a third party to the complainant. We can best process your complaint if we receive accurate and complete information from you. Therefore, we request that…