Tuesday, August 8, 2017

How TRUMP fits into GOD'S PLAN

SEE the Difference?

This part of God's Plan is Simple to Guess.
BEFORE the Second Coming
God MUST Prove to 
We the People
that even the Best of Mortal Men
Cannot Rule as 
KING of Kings.
THINK about it,
will the Christ give you a VOTE?
His Father has already told Him
who on Earth He should Delegate His Power to.

green for Big Money,
has promised to KILL ISIS to the last man
Donald also preaches
that should be so,
why can't the Third World be second?
I have envisioned how this can be in detail
while saving American tax dollars
in the process
creating new markets for American goods
in the FORMER Third World
(I do notmean every island tribe of head hunters of course)

Back to Christ verses Trump
Christ "looks" Passive & Weak
compared to Trump,
He Shall Return
wearing a Golden Belt of Authority
with "a Sword in His mouth"
meaning that just as He raised the Dead with a Word from His mouth
He can make you
Dead with a Word from His mouth.
His and Our Father in Heaven
Shall Guide the Christ
in who is Evil (as opposed to a common sinner) and MUST be
in order for Christ to 
for the first time since Eden!
Yes, Christ can protect Himself
for Man to be "safe" without Armies or Law Enforcement
Especially the Leaders
be they
Godfathers, Kings, Libtards, Media Liars, Thugs, Scammers, ID Thieves, Cyber Criminals (pedophiles can be cured) or anybody who has sold his Soul for Riches at the Expense of his Fellow Man.

Power Corrupts ALL
but the

Yes Jesus will actually KILL.
Why else the Sword?
However it will be PAINLESS
without FEAR
because it will be like
trying to recall your last thought before falling asleep last night.

Jesus is NOT the Punishment,
that is God's prerogative in

Thank you & God Bless

Monday, August 7, 2017


Donald is known to contradict his own words on difficult issues.

It's what you do when "Soul Searching"

Donald Needs Help with his Burden.

I could do that but there is another Greater than me.

has the
to look the
DEVIL in the EYE

But  the 
to who the Antichrist is.


That POWER is 
the Power of We the People
who elected the 
but NOT 
His Chief Adviser..
Donald will try to return 
Power to the People
he will do it throughthe Corporate World...
From BIG Government to BIG Business from which you get your jobs and the necessities of Life.

Now TRUMP'S Chief Adviser is also a Billionaire Businessman and in perfect position to rule over the Corporate World.  He even owns the technology for the 666 "Mark".

So here is what Trump has on his shoulders

So, Prophesy states that Lucifer shall be "Given" Power as I stated above.  He knows Donald's agenda and will continue it through corporate means while adding his own agenda in the guise of being part of Donald's plan.

These are the "Two Heads of the Beast"
Notice that the LIONS" color is the same as the Golden Lake of Fire and one head is above but smaller than the one rising from the lake.

Now hers is the SAD part.
Prophesy is that the Beast shall suffer a Wound to the Head and yet Survive.

Well Donald himself may not survive but his plans will through the Second Head who knows the plans intimately.

Satan will simply continue on ( in spite of Vice President Pence) with the First Head's plan.

The WARNING SIGN will be when Trump moves more authority into Private and Corporate Business.

Donald said that he took the job for the People and America which had given him a good life.  I can do nothing to stop his 

I Hope my Words here are...

Friday, August 4, 2017

Let's Dance



(search my name for the link)


We Can Dance


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Equator - Rivers of the Sun - Amazonia HOW TO SAVE IT

How the World can Save the Amazon

Calling All Retirees and Winter Home Seekers.

It's a Jungle and Land Should Be Cheap.

So just because you own 100 or 500 acres of the Amazon Rain Forest you only need tamper with 1.5 to 5.0 acres for your home.

Roads would require only a small percentage of the land for with 500 acres your neighbor would be a mile away and the roads would be separated by a mile.

If you are retired with grown children, why cut down trees for an empty school or pay taxes for it?

Homes should be within 1/8 mile of the road to cut the cost of running the electric power lines (No cooking with gas except from propane tanks for the whole house which needs no heat.

An iron bar fence just around the main house and yard  with no over-hanging tree branches would keep out the Jaguar and ways can be found to make insects detour the residence.

Small "community" 1/2 x 1/2 mile villages would provide grocery shopping and the manager would work FOR the "community" to buy at the best price.  It might be a 40 mile drive to shop for rarely bought items like furniture and televisions and 75 miles to buy a car.  Movie Theaters are not needed for each home would have a small theater (projection or wide screen UHD TV)

I heard that in spite of the equitorial Sun under the shade of the Rain Forest Canopy the temperature is 70 to 80 degrees and this temperature effect would cross your small residential clearing.  The air is just VERY HUMID but all you need do is cool the house (air condition it 5 degrees F or just use a dehumidifier).

There are other details to plan for like trails into your unused land to ponds and waterfalls if near the Andes Mountains for which you could hire Native Guides and use hand signals to back up in case of a big snake, etc.  Perhaps just playing music from a portable device would keep animals cautiously at bay but cose enough to observe.

WHY BUY 500 ACRES to mainly live on a few??

Even if you do not walk on every square foot of your PROPERTY anywhere in the World nobody has the right to come onto your land and cut down a tree without your permission and that of any "community" or government you set up.  Enforcement of this could be contracted from whatever Country claims that part of the Amazon.

So Clear Cutting to make way for grassland to raise unneeded cattle or most any other purpose would END FOREVER.

Clear 1% of the Forest to Save 99%

You won't have to be rich to live in a Tropical Paradise.

Sunday, July 23, 2017



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Saturday, July 15, 2017


I copied and pasted my reply to a Facebook friend who I forgot I had here because if my eye had not been already sore and tearing I would have been crying as I wrote to her.
My friend in the U.S. Secret Service I know really respects and cares about me.  He said he hoped Trump would pick me before he picked Pence who is healthier.  My agent friend said that he would be my LEAD ( the MAN who blocks any bullet meant for me) and he ignored my answer that I would ORDER that no man sacrifice for me.  When I occasionally call I am careful to ask if I am interrupting his mission but when I have cheer in my voice he notices and I tell him to be careful when protecting the Vice President or wherever he pops up.

However if I had actually achieved my delusion of grandeur in case I was shot and in pain I would have just wanted him to pull his little .38 and put one in my head.
He has been in my little mobile home and seen the papers everywhere on my dining table, sofa, etc. and heard me say "I can't read it but I know who you are" when he showed his big badge.  We talked about "hitting the ground" at the sound of a gun shot and I said I could though I really could not.  I recalled President Ford's look when he hear a shot.  He had no physical space to drop down between the crowd and the armored limo he was about to enter.  When Ronald Reagan was shot his first words were "Someone pushed me".  When I flew off my motorcycle over a truck and tore my knee down to the white bone I felt no pain and did not even bleed during the 30  or 45 minute wait and while being stitched so tight that my leg was jerked off the steel surgery table.  The next day the shock had worn off and I could not lift my head off my pillow.  The news made a big deal about Trump walking back to the campaign microphone after the Secret Service had rushed him to safety.  The incident was over and ANY MAN would have done the same.  Military Troops hear and see bullets hitting all around but after the situation is secure they get up and walk away.  During elementary school and part of high school I was "chicken" but that suddenly ended.


Good night kind sir

IT IS THE NEXT MORNING AND I AM STILL REACTING. I AM ALMOST 70 SO PEOPLE CALL ME SIR DUE TO AGE. EARLIER THERE WAS AN OCCASIONAL SIR JUST BECAUSE I WAS A CUSTOMER. I HAVE BEEN THANKED (MEANING IT WAS KIND) FOR GETTING SOMETHING OFF THE TOP SHELF OR ONCE JUST SITTING WITH A WOMAN FOR SECURITY UNTIL HER HUSBAND RETURNED. BUT NEVER BEFORE HAS SOMEONE CALLED ME "KIND SIR" IN ONE BREATH. Men have feelings too and so many women including my mother have hurt mine. In fact I once took my step father's shit when Mom stepped out the door and said "Don't make trouble. You'll cause a divorce". Also I did not even know she had been pregnant or when she miscarried but one day she suddenly told me it was my fault. So that's how I learned delicate diplomacy including when to use my step father's last name and when to use my real father's last name. My step father was an Army Corp Sergeant who built bridges for Patton's tanks. He had a nickle size scar from a bullet just grazing his arm but he was not there on D-Day. Military Basic Training was just a repeat of what step Dad had put me thru except for the fun of the easy obstacle course which left no blisters or tears like a gymnast gets on his hands and I did chores. In Basic there were RED FLAG days when the Base Commander ordered small red flags raised meaning no strenuous activity due to high temperature. It was 100 degrees but I was not sweating and thought it a candy ass precaution. Mam, please copy & paste this to your page as a thank you for you Great Words "kind sir". Share it so the People know my a bit of my life's pain. It took 48 hours to type the flashbacks which I have forgotten again. When I was campaigning for President yes I wanted to earn a retirement out of poverty by age 73 but after the one term my body was good for I wanted to be free of my Secret Service to walk down the street and say "Hi" and know I was LOVED like my cousin Abe did when the Public sidewalk was right outside the front door of the White House. I did not know how many Libtards there are who would have harassed me even after I proved myself. Now in some of my 40 messages to Trump asking for an advisory job to enact my own agenda indirectly thru Donald I said that I wanted to work in a back room out of Public Sight of my usual red, swollen eye lids from too much computer and sometimes slow awkward steps. I want the People to remember me like the doctor who asked if I was an athlete when he saw the bulging blood vessels in my feet. Now I look like I have been buried for a week and started to decay. About a wek ago two women actually noticed and helped me put my groceries in the trunk and return the cart. As I walked away from a cashier I think I heard "I don't know. Should I call an ambulance". Donald, Melania and Ivanka have sent not one word of HOPE for the job since well before the election nor has his staff though I tried for the same Office with no money or even a secretary and gained millions of People's confidence by working 7 days or nights per week with just my computer and in spite of the eye pain and somtimes blinking to see thru puss with one eye. The TRUMPS always have a camera on them when they interact with the poor or sick but I am proof of the TRUTH however I am invisible. Christ will hire me after he heals me. My last email on the official www.whitehouse.gov asked for two weeks in a good hospital like Bethesda Naval with lots of cool medicine in my eyes and bandages to keep it dark and headphones with smooth jazz, Jackie Evancho and other good music to keep my mind busy. NO ANSWER. Donald, while you sleep I hurt and worry about additional things like getting my fiancee to America since I have not had a date since 1984 (you can afford to buy me a bag of them). So sometimes like the last few days I suddenly wake after a few hours sleep and cannot go back to bed so I get on the computer, my only window on the World and occasional entertainment if I can stand the pain of a few minutes on YouTube. God Bless your prayers.
Seen 12:09pm
Chat Conversation End
Type a message

Monday, June 26, 2017

Message to the White House

Dear Melania, Greetings,

I have a recent photo of you sitting in a chair in Saudi Arabia.  You look elegant and give off powerful vibes.  It prompted me to think of the following.

To my knowledge you come from a small farming village in Europe.  Hence in order to be compatible with Donald you had to be taught the traits of a Lady such as which fork to use and when, just like Katherine Hepburn in "My Fair Lady".  Now I heard that when they finally started to teach you how to sit like a proper Lady you got fed-up and said "I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SIT, my dog taught me".  I hope you enjoy the humor.  When I was screaming in pain in the ER they kept telling me to roll over so they could see the wound.  But the mattress on the gurney made it hard to roll over against gravity, so I said "I know how to roll over, my dog taught me".

I had another joke but am in pain and forgot it.  I sure wish I could get an answer about getting an advisory position.  I have been jobless since 1979 but am more than qualified.  I am on all search engines & Google Images but Bing has the correct URL for my eBook.  My whole life is ruined but I hope to earn a retirement out of poverty by age 73 after just one Trump term.  Afterward I can consult remotely for his second term.  I came very close to asking the Mafia to tie me to a chair and inject me with heroin, Digitalis or Seconol and maybe punch me in the face so it looked like murder.  Otherwise my insurance won't pay for a graveside burial.  My name is on the family stone and I want to be with the only family that loved me.  I would also like to be in a good hospital for maybe 2 weeks, like Bethesda Naval, with my eyes bandaged and a lot of medicine in them.  All I need is headphones with good jazz and classical music to keep my mind busy while in the dark.  It has been so bad that I was blinking the one eye I could open to see through the puss and finish my post.  Twice I was screaming in an ambulance and 3 days in a row I went to the ER with lesser pain.