Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Greetings Governor

To my usual readers, just ignore or bypass this post.  It is just meant for Governors of American States.  I am putting it here so I can save work and not have to repeat the same things to another 49 Governors.  I will just send them the link.  Thank you.

Greetings Governor.

I am reasrching for a location to build an orphanage.  Though an American citizen I will be the US ambassador for a foreign country which is paying for it.  The Crown Prince has asked me for a cost estimate and that is why I am writing to you.

I wish to locate on cheaper rural land but about 5 miles from employment for high school level such as a golf course and high school graduates who do not have the minds for college to work blue collar and remain in the orphanage past age 18 until the save the 20% downpayment for a home or enter the military.

I have studied real estate nationwide (for personal reasons as I am promised funds for a home from family) so I ask you to connect me with a competent realty.  I do not want to be shown a home and find out the commute to work and back is 75 miles each way.

I do not wish to burden a school with no budget for the extra students, so I ask you to fix it so the public school can accept funds as if it were a private school, so much for each head.  Also I do not wish to force the school to add a new wing for I think, if planned correctly, those portable classrooms can be placed on the school grounds.

I wrote tonight 12/12/2017 to the White House for demographics on how many orphans are in the USA and where they are.  I hope to accept them on the national level or from any state.  However i may have to build multiple homes and separate the US into zones.

I have written to the Governor of the State next to mine but found it to be a lot of typing so I am handling it this way.  So I will not ask about peculiarities of your particular State such as finding level farm land in Oregon or the effect 50 miles inland of the warm Pacific current on weather in Washington.

I am working blind now.  I have no idea of the scale so I cannot judge if it is worth you giving a tax incentive based on food that would be bought and jobs created.  There may be none since it is a charity.

Now here is what I need inthe form of an executive order.  Please fix it so I can buy just the needed acres for the building, parking and playground subdivided off a farm and at the same price per acre.  The farmer may continue working the rest of the field.

I have about 7,500 VIP friends and was surprised that another was the Director of the Republican Party in a State.

Here are a few photo or logos of them to prove I am not a hoax or quack...

 Online Vietnam visa

 Kuwaiti pilot and former publisher

 Top Playboy & MAXIM cover model - actress

 Brian Sheen, actor Charlie Sheen's brother

 #2 in the royal family financing this charity

 Cabo Yacht Rental

 Credence Clearwater Revival

 Debbie used to paint Disney animation backgrounds.

 Diana Ross of the Motown Supremes

 Dr. Saud A. no long replies since I ask a favor to stop a sharia punishment.  He is a Senior Consol in Sharia

 All I recall is some official in Turkey sent this symbol

 Hawns Mill, a very unique band in Austin, Texas

 The man in charge of what's behind him

 Hetty doesn't talk much but her photo on a Swedish travel video tells me she is a model.

 Actress Jessica Alba

 John resign as Prime Minister so I no longer have his email address

 John Nichol Royal Air Force navigator shot down and tortured in the Gulf War

 Before the mission

Britain's Got Talent winner who has sung solo in front of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

 Kevin, VP Pepsi Mid America

 L'Hotel Port Royale in Quebec

 Me talking to a Dallas Cowboy back when I was working on the F-16 aircraft.

 Supermodel Miranda Kerr

 Neil Diamond

 His Royal Highness Prince Homsi, Diplomat and VP of International Business

 I must verify that this is a Malaysian Princess

 Sarah, former producer of NBC News

 Former solo pilot Chris Stricklin

 The Commodores with Lionel Richie

 Trump Condos

 Locations of my Twitter followers

 Canadian opera trio

Monday, December 11, 2017


I could not get help, a neighbor or anybody to take a photo.  But a salesman took this today.  It shocked me to see  how disgusting I look.  This is what preparing for a White House job and working on business plans 7 days/nights a week looks like.  I thought I was about to make at least my smallest venture a success because a very good and world famous lady was considering my plan.  Howeve rI have messaged her and the Crown Prince my picture and more or less said it is too late.  Even if I were rich I can't go in public looking this way.  I can't live but there is a solution to that 20 miles away.  I have sat and talked business with Mafia before.  It did not scare me then and I certainly don't give a Damn now.  There are only a few hundred of you but you are worldwide so thank you for the honor.  40 messages by every means possible to President Trump asking for a job and this shows you how he really cares for "the forgotten".

Magnify so you can se my red eyes.
UPDATE:  I slept 18 or 24 hours.  When I was able to lift myself out of bed I felt miserable for a number of hours and at first my arms felt very heavy, but I am okay now.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

JOBS, first "America First" by TRUMP then "the World" by me.

JOBS. Being paid more for better work quality or sales success of what you design are other aspects of Capitalism besides making money in stocks, commodities or real estate.
There is a chance that I will get the billions offshore and only need American investors to expand. I do not plan to expand the automotive corporation but rather when funds are available to give a little divident and build a new division with to produce something completely different like food products.
I plan to scale the factories to produce less than the demand so ther ewill be no year end clearance discounts. However just because there is demand is no reason to increase the price. The customer can wait till the next year because prices would have to increase if I put the workers on overtime (swaetshop) hours to fill all the demand.
However, if 30% of the American market was ours, including buyers loyal to Japanese and German cars the competition's factories built to put out perhaps 500 a day would be doing just 75 a day. That's good for if the factories meet my standards they could be bought cheap.
America can be Great again if we just remove the small percentage who are dragging US down. They can sweep floors or move to the Third World and sell "American Made " wicker baskets beside the natives for all I care. Yes I will put a priority on hiring Vets but the jobs the get if any will depend onmental capacity.
That's all I will say lest I give away my secrets. Oh, your pay MAY be 5% or 10% less IF I can cut your cost of living, your house payments by 25%.
Another reason for no overtime is I believe the employer should pay a part of the damage if you crash while trying to get to work on time or from fatique after a long week.
Even if the net quality of your homelife is a little less (fewer boy toys like ATVs) I think the lower stress of working with intelligent people you can rely on to keep up their end is worth it.
I am old and sick so I am only fit for the Chairman's job which should not require all my time. The difficulty will be finding my replacement to keep the corporation going according to my plans after I am senile or dead. It must be a man who has dug himself out of poverty with an off the scale IQ. There will be no glass ceiling so my replacement LEADER my be foreign born.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

TOP of the HILL CAPITALISTS...the 1%

The richest cannot establish a more efficient and productive World economy.  Their overhaed is high than God's plus they have to get a cut of the action before they will do anything.

Robert Dean Burlison II to 
3 mins
On a Star Trek episode "Captain Picard" explained how a fleet of massive starships was paid for. He just hinted at some mysterious economic method that was not Capitalism and not Communism. This has been on the tip of my tongue for a long time, but I am trying to think at the level of what Christ will do when He returns.
Actually it will be quite simple compared to understnding the economy as it works today. The solution is there but I cannot see the forest for the trees. I know step one. All the World's accounts payable and account receivable are just numbers in computers and these numbers can be changed to the words "PAID IN FULL". Then the new economic method would start from scratch with our 19 Trillion dollar debt erased.
I remember when an employer had to spend $25,000 to create a job. I can't imagine how much it is today. I found a young man with the intelligence to give me a dollar amount to be printed without gold backing when another baby is born as "working capital" or "pocket money" to survive as an American or World citizen. That same amount of dollar bills would be burned should the US population drop by one. There would be no inflation or deflation.
On a related subject I simply looked at how expensive it is to replace PVC plumbing with copper pipe. Years before I saw it had come true I thought that the copper in a penny made it cost more to make than it will buy. Yet, no matter how high prices get or even if they charged $5.00 instead of $4.99 for a hamburger once they add sales tax you need a penny.
The simple solution is to up-value the US currency by 100% or reduce all prices by 50%. The President should set a date, maybe midnight at New Year 2019 for the change. There is one modification to pay back ordinary American citizens for losses but I will not say because it would result in hoarding by the rich who can afford to do so and double their money overnight.
If the price of American products was cut in half then the price of oil and Japanese cars would follow suit. When old dollars wore out they would be replace by the Federal Exchange banks with half the amount in new bills with ND on them standing for "New Dollar". I addition the new (ND) $50 bill would have 4 corners. The ND $20 would have one corner cut off at 45 degrees. The ND $10 would be missing 2 corners, the ND $5 would have 3 corners and all the corners would be removed from the ND$1 bill. Why? You can't put corners back on a dollar bill and tell a blind man it's his $50 in change.
I am very poor now, but if certain promises come true I will be very rich. I will be at the minimum level to mingle with the Monaco crowd though I will not waste $100,000,000 for a yacht. I will thus be able to get names of the key people who could either be controlled, imprisoned or killed and thus eliminate the need of civil war inside America or WAR between the major powers or deaths by starvation due to a planned depression. These people have much of their wealth in Swiss numbered accounts but they will give us the numbers if enough pain is applied. They live in such comfort that it wouldn't take much.
There is a need for Capitalism. You can see how it has changed the primative China and all Asia since World War Two, Vietnam and Korea. Capitalism removes the fear of investing in huge projects. However we need to set a limit at which we tell an investor "Your money is no good here". At that limit the government will take over and fund the project with our tax dollars thus making you a stockholder even if too poor to pay taxes. Thsi will prevent some of the rich becoming so powerful that they think of themselves as gods. Remember in ancient mythology there were many gods, some good and some bad. The one common thread was that if you wanted a god to help you you had to give the god something.
WOW, I did not plan this to be so long. I should have blogged it.
See the following video.  This little Capitalist god could not Create the beauty of God or the mountains in the background.  I could not find the video in which a yacht salesman mentions "keep out the riff-raff" from the yacht show.   If your college degree is in engineering instead of business and your family did not introduce you to the "right people" or pay for a quality education and fund your first business so you were never jobless or hungry in your life then you are riff - raff.  The WAR we are fighting now is a necessary one but moving back to earlier wars they were fought just to benefit the richest funders of both sides.  Vietnam is Communist today Yes, but it cooperates with Capitalism and the resulting modernization in such a short time is amazing.  The basic difference is that the State is the stockholder instead of the people, but what the State built benefits the people.  Few Vietnamese had money to by one stock so investment was done collectively, a tiny amount from every citizen.

Now some people with yachts do help the poor or sick but they must keep themselves removed for their are so many hungry in the World that to buy a $3.00 meal for all would require 100% of their fortunes.  Christ will have a way to feed the people.  

I am tired so I am stopping short.  Some people are bound to disagree because I have not covered all that is in my mind.  If I do get rich and buy a seaside home I hope the ugly thing in this video is not parked in front of my view.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

This may be a FALSE ALARM or Goodbye

This may be a false alarm but I looked a pictures of surgery on bleeding ulcers last night.

It is easing up all of I am not sure.  Sometimes it is in my head behind the top of my nose, or in my diaphram or lower in the gut.  Sometimes a little nausia.  A couple of days ago I had a usual sneezing attack but had to force it to stop because a sneeze felt like my abdomen ripping open. Sometimes my arms are heavy.

If it happens I will try to notify all my friends around the world.  I don't know what to do about my fiancee for she cannot afford to fly here.

It will be a graveside service for that's all my insurance can cover.  So don't waste money on flowers.  If you can afford the trip you are welcome.

I will be embarrassed if I am making a fool of myself now, but I have felt great pain a number of times.  I am tired and ready to go HOME with my friend below.


Wednesday, November 8, 2017


SORRY 2011 Figures

Monday, October 16, 2017

Twitter Followers

As of now 10/16/2017 I have 4,448 Twitter followers.

That's not many but most are significant.
I will post a few picture or logos at the end of this.

First here is a location map of my Twitter followers by percentages.  It does not show all the small percentages as it does on the Website.
Roughly each red dot is about 0.1% and the USA is 75% and England is 7%.

I have about 7,500 VIP contacts and/or friends or followers and Twitter is just one Website.
However I wish to have at least 50,000 there.
This month's Top Follower has 1.12 million followers and I work hard for my few.

Here are a few examples...
Will not name
Anna, Travel Blogger
Playboy - Maxim cover model April S.
Herb was in charge of the Shuttle
Golden Globe actress & businesswoman Jessica Alba

RAF Navigator John Nichol shot down and tortured in Gulf War
Prime Minister John Key (left next to some man) emailed me once
This USAF Thunderbirds solo pilot and I do not know if the Blue Angels command pilot still follows for I forgot his call sign to put into the search bar
When we get the funds to travel this Princess said she would be our guide in her country

A few from other Websites
Former Chancellor of my college
Vietnamese online visa company
An Asian Celebrity I think
Charley Sheen's brother , Brian
Cat Stevens
Credence Clearwater Revival
Reached photo upload limit.

Thank you for your time