Monday, October 16, 2017

Twitter Followers

As of now 10/16/2017 I have 4,448 Twitter followers.

That's not many but most are significant.
I will post a few picture or logos at the end of this.

First here is a location map of my Twitter followers by percentages.  It does not show all the small percentages as it does on the Website.
Roughly each red dot is about 0.1% and the USA is 75% and England is 7%.

I have about 7,500 VIP contacts and/or friends or followers and Twitter is just one Website.
However I wish to have at least 50,000 there.
This month's Top Follower has 1.12 million followers and I work hard for my few.

Here are a few examples...
Will not name
Anna, Travel Blogger
Playboy - Maxim cover model April S.
Herb was in charge of the Shuttle
Golden Globe actress & businesswoman Jessica Alba

RAF Navigator John Nichol shot down and tortured in Gulf War
Prime Minister John Key (left next to some man) emailed me once
This USAF Thunderbirds solo pilot and I do not know if the Blue Angels command pilot still follows for I forgot his call sign to put into the search bar
When we get the funds to travel this Princess said she would be our guide in her country

A few from other Websites
Former Chancellor of my college
Vietnamese online visa company
An Asian Celebrity I think
Charley Sheen's brother , Brian
Cat Stevens
Credence Clearwater Revival
Reached photo upload limit.

Thank you for your time

Thursday, October 12, 2017


For those too young
not familiar with America
"Double Feature"
was when you bought one ticket
at a theater
saw two movies
these 2 links are indeed

1st let's explain Government

Click the Government YOU Like

2nd a REAL U.S. Navy SEAL talks to YOU


Now after the movies you
saw a Cartoon
this is where I come in.

There shall be
and the leaders shall be chosen
by an
educated at Cowtech

WATCH to compare how you THINK I would lead or Advise COMPARED to TRUMP alone

I am ONLY "Subject" (as in Royalty) to the following RULE

Tuesday, September 26, 2017



Sorry, you must scroll down FAR for the message.
I pasted it twice but it will not remove the empty space.

Chat Conversation Start
Greetings Governor, please suggest this to Jesse. I am dirt poor now, but am promised an astronominal amount when my future in-law finishes his contract in about 6 months. Therefore to keep up hope I shop for cars. I have decided on a BMW 740 li. However the photo is of a cheaper yet expensive Genesis. Notice it has no provision for a license plate. So the beautiful chromework must be interrupted by a crude cheaply stamped metal plate with miss-matched colors from all 50 States. This has been a problem for decades because government cannot see past their noses. Now, Illinois could be the first State to fix this cosmetic issue. People do not look at the front plate before they are hit or before the crime. They see the rear only if the car speeds away. However there is a tasteful solution which keeps the front plate. First make the front plate 2 inches less high because the sticker does not go on it. "ILLINOIS" in genuine gold plate 1.5 inches high in front and 2.5 inches high in the reat. The numbers and letters should be of readable size and also gold plated. The background should be "piano black" (high gloss) and a half inch gold border should surround it.. The plate numbers do not change to denotr the year as long ago. Only the color of the little stick tells whether your registry is current.. Such a plate would go with any body color and the gold against chrome would be like the "classy" Calibri cigarette light from 60 years ago which was silver plated with a 1/3 inch gold band at the top. There is no chrome usually near the rear plate yet it would look good.. Now gold plate is cheap enough at one atom thick for poor Third World people to cover their huge church domes in gold leaf. So, charge only $15 extra for the plates and do not charge extra for each new sticker just because it goes on a rich person's plate. Less wealthy young guys care about the looks of their racy Mazda 8 or Camaro too. In my case I will not accept delivery of a car if it has the dealer's logo on it which always mismatches the chrome insignia that the manufacturer carefully thought out.. SORRY. FACEBOOK WILL NOT ACCEPT A PHOTO IN THIS MODE.
Please use the links below in order for my office to best assist you.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Just One Tiny Piece of My Story 9/20/2017

I chose the black color for this beautiful GENERAL MOTORS grill because there is blackness in their Hearts.

I first tried to take this matter to the "ship's Captain" who is ultimately responsible for his underlings.
However he, Frederick somebody has his email address prominently displayed at the top of the Webpage.  So I expended MY TIME to detail the complex events only to get a failure notice for my email.  Now sure he is busy but you all know that I am too.  I do not even have a secretary but Frederick is too lazy to tell his Webmaster to remove the non-functioning email address.

Now here are two things I learned about the bailout of General Motors by Obama using American taxdollars.
1. GM gain millions in bonuses to it's executives.
2. GM did repay the bailout money, but think about that.  How could they repay without adding to the price of GM vehicles?  So those of you who bought GM products paid yourselves were suckered like me.

Now I got scammed by a Chevrolet salesman I think.  At first he claimed he was from "the bank".  I had an overnight delivery of a brochure with the "winning"number which I never saw again after handing it to sales people at the dealership.  I would not have gone to check on the "gimmick" except for desperation because none of my thousands of folllowers Worldwide loaned me a penny (1% of one USD) to get my fiancee to America.  It has been over 5 years and now I need her for I am sick much of the time.

So when I signed with the salesman's smiling encouragement to buy what I did not want I had been awake for 50 hours.   Yeah Damned Frederick supposedly has a workload.

A Federal Law was broken by contracting payments higher than my total income which I expressed to the salesman 4 times.  Yet the State's Attorney General told me she can do no more.

Now the only reason I am not naming the dealership as I did previosly is that he said my negative publicity was keeping him from buying back the contract (the loan) from crooked GM Finance which approved the loan unlike 6 or 8 other lenders who had sense to refuse it.

As for me I was tired and fell for the salesman's "caring" words that he wanted me to get the $2,000 "prize" so my fiancee could come and we would have a second income and I could get my General Motors car repaired.
I had never done such a deal before and did not even check that the truck was priced $10,000 higher than a brand new 2018 model.

Oh, it has been months and the dealer has not bought back the contract so my excellent credit is now dirt and I cannot get a loan anywhere with my car as colateral.

The dealer owns a Chevy, Chrysler and KIA dealership and I will call the Attorney General one more time before naming him.

Corrupt Big walk on the people Businesses I will do all in my power to destroy 
Find my posts about cars and how BMW hires American workers to build all the X models for the World market.
Some posts are in this group but I was asked to post only about old cars. 

Now the Chevrolet Division of General Motors is worse for they mass produce cars every few years which should be only produced as prototypes.  However the X-car was produced by all Divisions including Cadillac for it was the first attempt to build a front wheel drive car during the first fuel crisis.  (this is not the first time Chevy has screwed me.  With money saved while deployed overseas I bought my first New car.  It was a Chevy Vega which gave lots of problems including delaer mechanics that set their clothes on fire while pouring gas from a Coke can into the carburator.  To replace the air filter you had to replace the whole metal housing, and another mechanic used too small a crimp joint for the alternator wire he replaced.  A recall on my present Chevy (top of the line before the SS model) was to replace a rubber tube on the power steering pump.  The car growned when I tried to steer so I returned immediately.  The stupid looking mechanic lied that the car was making noise when I arrived.  Now it is logical that a little fluid was lost when the rubber tube was replaced.  I went to a mechanic friend who added a few ounces of fluid for free.  The steering has not made a sound for many years.  But instead of a simple fix the mechanic chose to lie.  I was given a price of $125 or $250 (I forget) to replace the whole power steering pump.

Now this may sound delusional or crazy but the "Fiery Horse" mentioned in the Bible must be something.  You have not seen all I have seen of Evil in the World and stupidity or incompetence for the position you hold is Evil because all under you plus the customers suffer or get short changed because of you.

The Fiery Horse is a LEADER who will not shrink from spilling blood to destroy the Evil.  Promotion based on seniority is Evil if no management or leadership training goes with it.

Now the "gentlest slap on the hand" is for you, the World to stop buying from GM.  I have visions for new better, less repetitory jobs for GM assembly line workers and engineers.  However it would be under Japanese Lexus and German BMW leadership.  There would be not "glass ceiling" for Americans except for the top jobs in critical departments.  The Fiery Horse is old, tired and sick but can still lead if the People of the World allow him to lead.

If cutting GM sales by 50% does not fix the issues then the U>S> Congress and maybe President Trump need to step in.

If not that the police in Texas where the scam GM Finance is located (Arlington, Texas between Dallas & Fort Worth where the Texas Rangers play baseball) know that I know "Muscle" and so many Second Amendment and politically angry groups.  This is GM World Headquarters.  A small armed group could elliminate it without seroius damage to the building so fast and leave, disappearing into the crowded sidewalks where us ants walk well before the men in blue arrived to do their jobs in ignorance of the big picture.

Now, since I could nto afford insurance or fit the truck on my property a 24 hour fast food place allowed me to use there many extra parking spots.  I only drive the truck which was hard to climb into at my age to change parking spots so the uninsured vehicle would not appear abandoned (about 300 feet maybe).  Then I allowed it to be repossessed as the salesman told me to do (remember he was just manipulating for me to get the $2,000 "prize" and I was tired and thinking the "prize" would be written off like an advertising tax deduction).  Another dealer offered $3,000 more than the truck got at auction but the lazy ass GM Finance ignore me when I tld them.  It is the same with banks which are too lazy to take but 1 or 2 photos of your repossessed home so people will look and you can get some of your equity back.  I owe $17,500 to GM for nothing but basically manipulating papers.  That's about two YEARS of my income.  Now you can guess why I get violent.  Others try to walk on me too.  The Veterans Administration refused a truthful letter of my $283 disability income.  On paper I get $451 but the take out some due to overpayment.  That was due to another man with a government paycheck.  When I took Social Security he told me that it was earned money and that I could take it along with the VA disability.  WOW it was costing the average taxpayer 0.012 Cent per YEAR for me to live a little better.  I was so busy I did not think to notify the VA.  So now I don't know how much of the $25,363 overpayment has been deducted so far.   Living under the VA is worse than Communism.
Anyway a restaurant had a Christmas discount so I celebrated my birthday with a steak & salad bar 5 or 10 years ago.  I had a few steaks since that were marked down for quick sale being slightly brown.  Also a home delivery service gave me a discount on a box of steaks to empty the truck.
(my apology to the starving of the World for the steaks but you probably do not have a computer to read this, mostly it was pork steaks).

When I tried to run for the Big Office I told you that I will only work for the People but the People have been a disappointment.  After all the idiots gumming up the works are part of the People.

I have learned two things.
1. I do not have to know everything, just how to recognize the competent people who do know.  They are most easily found by asking them to explain the process.  Those who can do that clearly and most simply really know there stuff.
2. LEADERSHIP is just delegating the right jobs to the right people and encouraging them to run with the ball.  I instinctively did that way back in high school Junior Acheivement with the result that output increase 2.5 times.

Part of  the cause of my joblessness was that I became a chain  smoker due to it.  The other was shallow minded personnel departments that would not allow me to talk to the man I would be working for or with.  Also the man who was designing "flip-flops" or single bit registers to count bowling pins was intimidated when I mentioned that he could buy a chip with 2 flip-flops for 25 cents.

Just because God arranged for you to be born in America does not entitle you to a job paying more than you are worth.  If you take a basket weaving course in college you can go to Central America and sell your baskets with the Indians. It is worth it to the American taxpayer to subsidize you $100 per month for American minimum standards like tooth paste and next to the Indians you can put your little sign "Buy American" and see how many American tourists bite.

America is not the land OF the Brave for few stnad up instead of being herded like sheep.
So America should be the land FOR the Brave
the productive, talented, loyal, creative and so on.

An Amendment is needed stating that a person born in the US can be exiled with provisions just as Napolean was exiled from France.

Racial Tension in prisons:
The purpose is to keep you walled in and what is outside the walls matters not.  For the black prison gangs we can contract with Ghana where the old slave prison still stands, but build to American standards.  Taxpayers would save because $400 or $500 per month is very good pay for guards in Ghana or Nigeria and this would lessen the need to scam for a living.

For Latino prison gangs a poor Central American country or two would be selected.  These blacks and Hispanics would nto be able to claim "minority status" anymore.

Now most prisons are at State level.  So by this Amendment the Federal Government would Aid the State Governments without sending one dollar.

Sorry for expounding with so much verbosity (talking too much) but this is just part of what is wrong with America which Trump has not addressed.  He sent a personal email that he and Melania were praying for me but he will not talk business.  So I have given up on become his adviser and turned to Christ

Here is my Facebook Group which used to be titled 
but now
"BURLISON - U.S. Delegate for CHRIST"

I know what the "Sword in His Mouth" means.
Christ raised the dead with just his words and the reverse can be done.  It will be painless.  I Christ says "Die" you will be dead before you feel your head hit the floor.
Jesus, with guidance from His Father above must remove the Evil and the incompetent first before His new World can be without police or armies.
OH, HERE's the Group link... 

Monday, September 18, 2017

This is NOT as Tough as I get

I decided to respond to this new LinkedIn connection like I have never addressed a connection before.

This man is in charge of customer retention at DISH Network.  Here are my words pasted ...

  • Chris, I do not go in back of my home where the old Dish antenna is on my power pole. So I did not know that my neighbor had planted a pine the size of a Christmas tree one foot over into his property. It is now huge. For a long time I paid Dish for service I did not receive. because the tree was partially blocking the satellites and there were many long waits as the Dish device tried transponder after transponder.. The former owner never kept his word to remove the tree but the new owner I am sure will allow it but I estimate a cost of $300 for removal. Now I am on a fixed income which is very low. When I shipped back the Dish device they sent me a bill for $15 shipping. I had been a Dish customer for many years and $15 was food money. So they tried to "muscle" me. General Motors tried that too and the Law in Texas knows that I know people there so GM shut up. Your Palatine, IL payment center is only a few miles from where i lived during high school, near the toboggan slides and the race track. Now I am harassed with mail from Dish every day it seems but it is probably twice a month by mail and once when the coupons I use to eat arrive. This is my private mail. I own the mailbox and I do not get any free entertainment for viewing your advertising as I would if viewed on TV. Now Direct TV is also an ass. The advertising President even disguises his junk mail in the size, shape and pastel color of a greeting card envelope. I happen to have followers in California so I gave his address and name asking that my friends FLOOD HIM with hate mail. Now as the retention official, do you think I would get another Dish account after their treatment? I have a tentative figure of $1,500 for postage and $5,000 for printing (and other gimmicks such as the polarized viewing device that the scam GM dealer sent for me to see the "winning" number). That is enough for the little guy who cannot afford broadcast advertising or does not cover that large a territory to get his name out. Howeve big , walk-on-the-People-businesses would be limited to the said junk mail advertising tax deductions as stated. I intend to advise Trump of this. Get some common sense. If a citizen ignores your junk mail once he will probably do it the next time and the next time, wasting our forests for your paper (though the billing dept asks us to go paperless). Finally your channel selections are not comprehensive enough. I cannot look at 200 channels at the same time and I do not want to pay for those I do not use or hate like golf. A 10 or 15 channel selection for $8.00 per month is adequate. I could explain how to pick packages to your executives but I know it is like pulling teeth to get their attention. T-mobile never responded when I mention a ballpark $1 billion per month income for a few million outlay. That is why small business creates most new jobs. They have to think to survive. Now you may remain a connection or if your dainty feelings are hurt you can go.