Friday, June 17, 2016

New Creation...Not Legal Action, Not Mafia Action, rather People Power

MY PERSONAL TRAUMAI just got out of a hospital today. I am hurrying thru my backlog on the computer to avoid another ambulance.There will be one HELL of a DAMNING story of my medical treatment and the VA which barged into my life only at the end since their ER was on diversion when I needed it.For now until I can write all the juicy detail see JUST HELL Parts One & Two which took 48 straight hours only stopping for 2 cookies and pills. I am going to name names and addresses and paste the post using my worldwide audience in hopes of flooding especially 2 postal inboxes at the VA with so much HATE mail that my antagonists can't function and quit the VA not to harass me again.My last VA appointment was by taxi because I was totally blinded by all but the lowest light. I knew there would be repercussions when I said on the phone that it was not a threat but a promise. However I had to drive it into their thick skulls that I was fed up with being pushed around from every direction. While waiting to talk to my counselor a voice said he was a VA policeman. It took a long time because I have no training on how to be blind, but he or they were patient in guiding me into a dark room to talk privately. In the room he asked me to stand and told me he was going to pat me down for weapons. When he started I asked him to pat me on the back for being a good boy.Having no political power from the PEOPLE I have only one defense against all the antagonists walking on me. But if YOU patRIOTS shove me into the White House second seat I can cut the infections out of the VA and hire in good people to take over. I have the inside knowledge having been their sacrificial lamb since 1997. If I had the authority from the People I could clear up the mess quickly and non-violently with just my signature and that of Donald Trump. Then I could use parallel guidelines to affect the same purges in all VA hospitals. I know the survey questions I must ask the veteran patients themselves to identify trash in the system and separate the wheat from the tare.However at present I know where to find only help that leaves no witnesses ( I invoke the 5th Amendment ). The VA is remarkably dense. I would be far away and surrounded by witnesses IF I was FORCED to really act. It is virtually impossible to get thru to the VA that the only reason people are not already dead is my talk at church about not being able to serve God and the Devil at the same time. Also at the same time as our talk a woman was coming over the speaker with the guidance from God to forgive 70 x 7 times at the same time as I asked about the same thing...a message from God to me.I am trying hard to handle the problem peaceably, but something happened yesterday which puts me in danger of not being FREE these few remaining months until the next administration. I did get out of the out of state hospital on the day promised but delayed a few hours so I just missed my 4:00 PM contact with my fiancee. The doctor renewed my respect for psychiatrists and made a lifelong friend. There is a woman "doctor" at the VA who I hardly know having talked to her maybe 60 minutes over 20 years. The last time I saw her I was in tears but she could not grasp what I meant when I asked her to give me her opinion as a WOMAN about my worry that another woman was going to commit suicide due to her denial of reality in her emails. This "doctor" just started asking me the same old psych questions and I did not know which button to push to say goodbye to this telephone robot. I almost was sent to the psych hospital for worrying about someone. I once was sent to the psych hospital for being sick and leaning against a door frame to gather strength.So, what happened yesterday? The good doctor at the civilian hospital I was in (unlike the VA he was on the spot when needed) came to me and told me I was still going to get out but that he first had to do some red-tape to protect me from a VA doctor who went out of her way to call and threaten to have police (my friends) come to my home and arrest me for commitment if I was let out of the civilian hospital. So now instead of just a nuisance, the airhead doctor who can't think like a woman, she has become a dangerous threat.Besides the church which my friend told me would excommunicate me if I took drastic action, another block to my taking the action is the shear number of bureaucrats on my list making it impossible to pick just one. I don't even know if the "Favor" owed is big enough to get even one job done let alone many. But this fool airhead who I hardly knew and was NOT even on my list has come out into the light and instantly jumped to the top of my high threat hit list. I just remembered another encounter with this airhead doctor. I can't recall if I had a regular appointment but I was in the ER waiting room at the time we were to talk. There were a lot of other people in the waiting room sheltered only by a roof and big glass windows. There was a tornado alert extremely close to the hospital by my only choice was to wait a long time, finally giving up because I think it was getting dark and/or the hospital was closing. On my next visit to the VA I was told that she had been hiding somewhere in a hospital basement. Nobody came to guide all of us in the fragile waiting room to similar safety. The VA police office is only 20 or 30 feet from where we were at.This story is very long so I will end it by making her name public. I plan to destroy a couple of others the same way, but for now I have to get rid of this new severe threat fast.Attention Dr. Miksanek, Veterans Affairs, 2401 West Main Street, Marion, IL, USA 62959Now I can help you Americans and maybe some of you in other Nations, but right now I need your help to survive as a FREE man. You are all different so maybe one of your points of view will sink in to Dr. Miksanek. Some may use four letter words, others Biblical quotes, still others logic. If you are a woman you may try to write woman-to-woman though I sure could not do it man-to-woman. Say anything but please do not make a direct threat like I did for you are my friends and I don't want you to get into legal trouble over me (at least wait until after you vote LOL). I have been around the block and can handle trouble as long as I am not locked in a psych ward with doors I can't kick thru.To date my blog posts have never reached Italy or Sicily where some people know how to safely make a threat of an offer you can't refuse. I hope this time when I paste this into my blog it reaches some heavy weights. Please add your title or rank but not the business name unless you own it. The doctor may grasp that she is not the Almighty God smartest.What great SIN did I do this time? A girl barged onto my Facebook to harass me with an insult, "SICK" implying Pervert just because I am always busy and can't chat. In a message today she asked me to buy her vote . This resulted in me starting a diplomatic but stern post on her page, but the subject matter is adult That triggered flashbacks which continued . They never stopped http:// I worked 48 hours on only 2 cookies. It is a once in a lifetime chance to tell all and never repeat it as a whole again... when I thought I was 5 or 6 lines from the end my mind automatically summarized the whole story and the trauma generated two short but loud episodes of crying.
I did not need any mental or emotional treatment or pill. I successfully busted my ass, getting it all off of my chest so I DON'T NEED ANY SUPPORT OTHER THAN THAT OF MY WOMAN WHEN WE HAVE THE FUNDS TO FLY HER HERE.. ALL I NEEDED WAS A LOT OF FOOD AND LIQUIDS WHICH I DID NOT NEED TO DRINK THRU AN IV, PLUS A PILL TO FORCE ME TO SLEEP.. My friend was minutes away bringing me coffee. He was going to read the microwave instructions for a good meal then fix my car while I rested. But he go a flat tire and the delay allowed me to crash. While I was busy on the phone a sales lady came knocking. I told her NO 911 but she kepts interrupting the advice and security I was getting on the phone to wait just long enough for a tire change. So I told her to LEAVE, but she called 911. It took 2 big cops to get me on my feet with a groan after one helped with my pants and shirt and shoes.. I am afraid of ambulances because they tend to panic me with a $1,000 bill before getting things straight with the VA and I can hardly go to have anything patched up without yet another waste of tax dollars for a long, rough ride to a shrink hospital. When I had my disability it was due to much STRESS and the VA shrinks compounded my stress by experimenting on me with anti-psychotics which caused diabetes as a side effect. There is much more but this one item should clarify that I am not exaggerating. The ambulance required a lot of help for me to climb 2 long steps into it for the short ride to Franklin Hospital in Benton, IL. Once there I sat in a wheelchair for maybe an hour and a half. When I got a room the doctor came and in seconds we were in a hard exchange of insults. I heard them on the phone talking to the VA about my eyes and tried to tell the doctor not to touch my eyes for they were already under treatment and Franklin Hospital twice gave me the wrong medicine for my eyes. I walked out or was kicked out. They would not let me use the phone to call a friend for a ride home. So I staggered holding my clean underwear with my elbow and shielding my eyes with my hand to the busy street. Reaching out with my free arm to signal cars I staggered across to a house and the couple called 911. The police arrived and called yet another ambulance to another hospital. After a day and a half or two ( Oh, I had to almost break a table to get a phone to call friends to relay my message to my fiancee)...after some days I got a ride by car to the good out-of-state hospital.