Monday, June 6, 2016


I have a good idea for when and if you the People get me in with Trump.
I am not stupid. I know I am fighting a huge Good Ol' Boy bureaucracy and mounds of red-tape against politicians with money of their own and PAC money and well known names plus support of the Media.
In fact it just may take the demands and POWER of the PEOPLE to scratch out and write me in over whoever the GOP picks to run with Trump.
I respect Sarah Palin a lot but she is not what we need NOW in the Nation's time of trial and peril. I don't know if she saw my message for I was forced to write it as a comment on her page. As much as I recall I told here that I am old and 2016 was my one and only chance at renewing my life. She is young with a good job and salary and can wait until 2020. LOL I can't even see 2020. I told her there would be a job in government to tie her over until my one term with Trump is over. I asked her to kindly, graciously and voluntarily stand down until I have has my chance
Now everybody in high government must be able to lie or not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth in order to not weaken security. However, a politician who lies to the People just to trick them into electing him / her, or lies to help another politician in a you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours game is pure trash..
Now in my brief years in politics I have learned that some of WE the People can be very stupid and wouldn't grasp the truth anyway. You don't have to be a Liberal to be stupid, that's why a government is needed inthe first place to manage things. Minutes ago after I explained she had interrupted my qork on this very post a girl popped back on my messenger, her personal hotline to a busy politician dealing inlife and death issues, to have it all explained again. I told her that every Damned second hurt my eyes and asked if she wanted me to cut them out and mail them to her. I told her that the Secret Service threatened my arrest for harassment due to just 4 calls to the wrong number over a month and a half. I think she grasped the word PRISON for she has not popped back again. She now knows that she is just one little vote and I don't care if she follows me. MY POINT to ALL of you except the majority smart enough not to bother me is that I will drop you if you become a nuisance. I even told her I had to cut my chat with my woman short because she was responding to slow and 3 medicines had not stopped the burning in my eyes. My God in the last three days I have been struck blind twice. God arranged the second time to be in church and after being led to the platform I was able to speak to the whole large congregation as first habd witnesses of the pain and serious effects of working so long to convince YOU the PEOPLE to hire (vote for) me. Enough, now to my good idea.
If YOU ALL can FORCE me in with Trump I got a new plan in my head today. Actually a close look reveals it as a funny joke for now, but a joke that could easily become reality if the old school politicians don't straighten up their acts. Here it is...
I intend to create a special task force within the FBI just to monitor all Federal Politicians for lies not needed for security reasons. That's the House, Senate and Executive Branches including myself. It will be called the FBI - FIB Department Thanks for your time and sorry for taking extra spece to explain once and for all time my anger over messenger abuse.