Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Open Letter to the People of Ghana, West Africa

I am addressing the People of Ghana directly because when I had your President's email address he was too good to reply to me.  My emails were written intelligently, respectful and important.  So I can only conclude that your Leader cannot think big and I will not talk to him until Trump and I are in POWER and your President addresses US as Sir.  I do not care if these words are politically correct or diplomatic to the rulers in your country because there is no worry of the Ghanaian Army attacking US.  I just want you, the little people to be encouraged by my words..

My woman who is there with you told me that the Communist Party almost won in the last election.  I told her that the country was so screwed up that the Communists could not make it worse.  I want to help Ghana and as many other Third World as possible to rise a little above Third World poverty (not including head hunter and cannibal tribes and such).  Ghana unlike other Third World countries is the Gold Coast and here is a photo of just part of the gold stockpiled.  You Ghana Citizens should be living much richer...
For one thing it is insane that one can buy a kilogram of gold in Ghana ( if he is not scammed) and take it to the USA, England or Asia and sell it for twice the price.

As I said Iwant to help you to stand on your own two feet and feel strong and proud and not like a peasant.  However I won't do it with charity and World Socialism like our soon to be a has been President Obama and our Liberal so called leaders and the UN want to do.

I have two plans to create jobs for Ghana.  I will not give full details for our Liberal politicians can twist even a good plan that is really too complicated for their little brains into something that looks bad.  My plan does not solve just your problem, it solves some of our problems of high taxes and crime.  I have planned for creating jobs requiring only moderate retraining for the American workers that you will inherit their old jobs from.  So, the bottom line is both Ghana and America will gain.

Right now I only have plans for Ghana and maybe some of your poor neighbors like Nigeria, Siera Leone and Ivory Coast if that does not go beyond America's needs and capacity.  I also intend to use some of the same plan combined with other plans in Mexico and Central America and the jobs created there will attract illegal aliens out of the USA back to work in their home countries with their families where the majority speaks their native language and they are not used in sweat shops where criminal American employers know they can get away with it because illegals cannot go to the LAW for help.

It is not the same for Peru in that my plan for it will only create a few temporary US jobs to engineer, test a prototype and if successful build my invention. I named Iron Cloud.  It has sat idle and unused for I cannot afford patents and like your President the Peruvian leader too thought I was just a quack and a nobody so he did not reply to my message.  My intent for Peru is to help the poor by helping the economy of Peru and this will be done by turning the Peruvian Desert green.  That country happens to have all the conditions and needs close together making it the most ideal location for my invention and if it will work at all it will work there.  I just use solar power in a simple cheaper way and Peru allows me to combine wind power for other needs such as pumping freshened water to the drip irrigated crop trees and plants and removing the air dissolved in the cold seacoast water.

Ghana, Russia, England, Hong Kong, the World, I know about your scams for a few years ago when I was naive and trusting a Ghanaian gang with connections to the Mafia in America and con artists in England and maybe more scammed me harshly and didn't give a damn that I was poor.  I am still suffering the consequences for the damned American Veterans Administration treated me as the cause and not the victim and is still doing so several years after letting down my guard and making one big mistake.  If the American People hire (vote for) me with Trump I have a large list of bureaucrats for as Trump says "You're Fired".  I have the inside experience to know how to rid much of the harmful dead weight from Veteran Affairs locations nationwide.  These people think they are big, powerful and smart but they are now elected by the People or by Veterans, they are not appointed by elected officials, they are just overpaid hired help.

Back to Ghana, I did not forget you waiting there.  I don't know if America gives financial assistance ( foreign aid) to Ghana but it probably does.  Things are going to change for now my Nation is in trouble with a huge foreign debt and I don't hear any of the countries we have helped since I was a child offering to help US.  For one you won't need as much aid with the new jobs.  Second before the annual aid check is sent to your President, some money will be taken out to repay American scam victims 75% of their loss allowing their remaining 25% losses to remind them not to be suckered again.  This is fair to your President since some of his citizens have already collected that money for him.  Third I intend to create a Federal Death Penalty for scam artists, ID thieves and cyber criminals inside and outside the USA.  We can't enforce the law in big countries like Russia, but their strong President Putin has just started building a force to go after organized crime in that country and I am sure he would gladly give scammers to US to save then expense of executing then himself.  WARNING to the exceptionally beautiful Russian romance scammers.  I know how women in both America and Russia can use their charm for great evil and I am fed up enough to not feel anything when I see you lethally injected.  My first broken heart used the name Anna Barkova (a historical name in Russia).  I have an unnamed source and friend somewhere in Europe and it took us only 10 minutes to get the name, address, phone and apartment number of her Russian Mafia boss.  Here is the supposed photo of the girl who broke my heart but this girl would not be executed since I know it is a fake/stolen ID...
Russia is one thing, but Ghana is nothing.  Your President WILL sign an extradition treaty with US for scammers and scammers only to be brought to the USA to face trial if they got none in Ghana and execution.  If the treaty is not signed Ghana will loose all foreign aid immediately.  I know the People of Ghana are already hurting, even those with good jobs, due to rising food and fuel prices.  If the President looses our aid that is just enough to push the People to patRIOT and overthrow him since the unpaid Army will be with the People.  I cannot finish all I had to say to you in Ghana for I am exhausted and hungry.  So goodbye and God Bless the good people there some of which know me as friend but there are too many in African countries and the world for me to remember names and keep contact with.  Oh I forgot.  I have a plan for the whole continent of Africa except for the Arab Nations north of the desert and South Africa.  Briefly it will be called the CSA or Confederate States of Africa.  It will be a confederacy because the State languages are different and the purposes and needs of the alliance are not the same as for the USA.  Africa as a whole does not have the spoils of conquest to warrant invasion and thus needs not the strong UNITED power of America.  Africa need not spend it's small revenue on expensive weapon systems from America, Russia, China or the NATO countries.  Besides what the American Military Industrial Complex builds should be proprietary for America and it's closest historical allies only.  The Arab countries are not all such valued allies though Obama gave a large fleet of F-16 fighters to one recently.

Later when I have time and remember  to do it, I want to speak to the American Mafia.  I don't recall all the details right now of my plans for you.  I intend to allow you to keep some of your lucrative vices that are harmless, yes legalized prostitution but only by consent, no human trafficing or underage things for perverts.  You won't need all of your old vices for I will let you buy into legitimate, honest businesses and you know how to keep your soldiers in line and honest.  The honest earnings from these investments will replace the old risky illegal sources.  I know the Mafia got it's start in America thru many happy to enlist and get out of the poor Italian ghettos.  However now you have money almost to the point of being spoiled.  Some of the higher level "bosses'" children are born with a silver spoon in their mouth.  To be sure of your Loyalty you will have an even larger investment in Honest America for you will have immunity from the IRS and not have to loose a large percentage of investment capitol in laundering it for tax purposes.  Yes the old Eliot Ness Untouchable type elements of the IRS will still exist after the corrupt part of the IRS is destroyed.  That's just in case you loose control of some of your "Family" and they get greedy and add the old vices to their legit incomes.  Also there are other ethnic forces in the drugs and other rackets which the government must keep specialized law enforcement for.
I intend to put the Mafia to work as Peace Enforcers.  I have plans to elevate poor inner city, jobless black and Hispanic neighborHOODS out of poverty.  But drugs, prostitution unmonitored for STD, and crime in general even against their own race is so deep rooted in these neighborhood that it requires a kind of law or rules enforcement that ordinary cops cannot legally provide.  You know what I mean, there are necessary evils to stop people who have only known evil even thru generations of upbringing.  I may have to set some limitations such as actual murder, but for the most part I will turn a blind eye.  For a really bad incorrigible character I don't care if you have to addict him to heroin to force him to stay straight and honest in all other matters.  It's like holding a mean dog on a heroin leash.

The end result will be a safe place with jobs in food factories and I haven't thought yet of other factories and hair salons or what have you.  The major part of the workforce, those not hired in for high level work like management, accounting, employee training, food purity and safety experts, etc, the majority will be paid a little below minimum wage which is reasonable since they played games and if they got a high school diploma at all it was because the teachers gave up in fear and passed them so they would graduate and disappear.  The lower wage would not be cruel slave wages, shut you mouth about Racism Al Sharp Tongue you little piss ant.  The lower wage would be compensated by the housing, though now much better it would still be very cheap.

Customers and sales.  Grocery stores would have inviting windows like in safe suburban towns instead of being all brick except for the doors.  Retired white and other races on fixed income and almost as poor as the local populous had been will feel safe coming in to buy food at a less inflated price and there would be a big black or Latino guard in uniform in the parking lot to watch over customers' cars.  These same customers would feel safe in the smaller shops even off the main street a little further inside the neighborhood.  Why?  Because there would be a 16 year old white girl working there with the Blacks or Latinos and if the young girl feels safe it's safe for the customers.  So who are these young girls and how could you induce them to work there when they are too young even to drive back to their white neighborhoods after work alone at night?  They are the unfortunate runaways who in the past would have been sold to pimps to work the streets.  But now these sexy "chicks" are under the protective wings of you Mafia "muthers".

Enough, I've worked almost all night on this and haven't eaten or taken my pill.  Thus I feel sick now for   a long time but when I start something it is hard to stop until it's done lest I loose my train of thought and forget an important detail.  By now I think you can see that I think every evil and misfortune in the World can be fixed with little expense and effort if you just think it out.  God Bless and that's even for you Mafia "Goodfellows" if you cooperate when and if the People all hear my words and have the sense to give me the POWER I need.