Sunday, June 5, 2016

Just Words

Hi friends.  When I am sick humor starts popping into my head but first this news....

For the second time in two days I needed help.  I did not go totally blind for I could see Sun and bright lights thru my closed eye lids.  The light almost knocked me over.

I must rest and heal for the big VP job for with God's help it will start in only a few months.

I can't think who or how to ask for help now.  Someone should take the batton and run a few laps to keep the race going for a while longer.

Now I will tell you a story of why you can feel safe voting for me as Trump's partner.  It doesn't matter if you are from the good ol' south or a Yankee.  You can even be one of the Democrats planning to vote for Trump.

Some of you may have read that I am a cousin of Abe (true), and he was GOP, in fact I think I read that he started the GOP and I want to be a good and honest GOP man like him in spite of some trash in the Party now.

But I had another in the family who was both a "Johnny Reb" and a Democrat.  He was a hard fighter so the Union soldiers held him as a POW for a few days to be sure he had cooled down and was safe to release.

Of course GOP Abe did not own an elephant but the southern Democrat in my family by coincidence did own a jack ass named Betsy.  Now in actuality the Union soldiers needed not worry for he was HAPPY the War was over, so much so that he sang a song he wrote while riding Betsy home.  Unfortunately I recall only a few words of his song...

"Oh I'm riding Betsy down south.

Yes I'm going down on my donkey, blah blah" Yuk!  I just realized what I said.

Now I really did forget a whole bunch of things I was going to tell you, but here's a short lesson I gave to the women's teacher before leaving church...

A man had a beautiful blonde wife to die for.  But of course you can't have everything.  She was an airhead.
One night the man came home and proceeded to gripe about her cooking.  She was getting peeved but held her temper.
But finally he said "You can't even boil water."
"I can too " she YELLED, "I boiled a pot last night.  Grab it out of the fridge and I'll warm it up."