Saturday, May 28, 2016


Sorry I told you good People that I would be offline to heal my eyes, but I was just trying to clear a log jam in my inbox and 2 emails came in after over a year from people I once exchanged death threats with over the phone with the disadvantage that it was 4:00 AM my time.  I won the battle of minds on a bluff.  I have bluffed my way out of situations before, but this time it is no bluff.  If you the honest People don't elect me to legitimate power as your leader I will be forced to ask the underworld for help.

As it says in the Bible, forgive 70 x 7 times.  So for my own mental health I had forgotten the severe suffering and damage still unrepaired that they caused me.  However they have started to remind me and bother me again.  What gall!!!  So now I am really pissed and that's why I have to tell you this.  It was no simple scam like you see on the internet all the time.  I was one mind against many minds of long experienced scammers and impostors playing cops, lawyers, bankers and even ECOWAS the top anti-fraud task force roughly equivalent to the FBI.  Here's a faked photo of one such agent with a lot of gold...
My intelligence friend in Europe analyzed the photo for me and the give away is very subtle.  I keep it secret lest the scam artist learn to compensate when faking photos.  My friend also caught the fake Major General's ID which in turn blew the cover off of 2 UN documents, one with my name allowing me to move large amounts of wealth worldwide and a air cargo and insurance manifest for several "trunks" (filled with gold) with a shipping charge of over $8,000 which if it had progress I am sure they would have ask me to pay it in a huge 419 scam to receive trunks full of rocks.  I have copies of anti-drug and anti-terrorist and anti-laundering documents and there's much more complexity to tell but I am tired.

I was a nice trusting person like you ladies and gentlemen, but now I have been hardened in the crucible of fire.  It is sickening that hundreds of millions of good, honest People are huddled in constant fear of scams, ID theft and the like all due to relatively few criminals.  They are effectively paying protection money to Equifax and similae companies and to IT security against viruses and such.

If I am elected as your secondary leader with TRUMP, I promise to push for harsh laws and punishments and I know how to put the fear of God into these con artists worldwide for I HATE THEM WITH A PASSION having personally been burned very badly.  I have real empathy for victims for I know how it feels.

Now here's the reply to one of the scam emails I read tonight....

I am on sick leave for computer eye strain.  Yesterday I couldn’t evem read the titles in my inbox, but now I am working through it and that is all I will do on the computer.
That is not the reason I did not reply.  I have learned the hard way not to trust or rely on you.  It has been a huge expense for a poor man and because I allowed you two and all your gang playing many different people to confuse and brainwash me psychiatrists have hurt my reputation branding me incompetent to count out $1.38 in change or write a check for the electric company.  Due to all the Hell you two have put me through for years I have researched every way to have you two and every one of you gang/associates killed in a very slow, nasty way.  I know how it can be done but just don’t know who can do it for the American Mafia can’t get to you in Ghana and I’ve lost contact with the Russian Mafia.
However while you were fucking around since our last contact I have been working hard in American politics.  Soon I should speak on the radio nationwide and if I succeed I will have the POWER to deal with your Ghana President, the real one, in this matter.  As yet I am still even more poor because my disability pension is now cut to zero due to a mistake caused by you working me so hard and fast in your Devilish game.  In spite of all this it is hard but I support a beautiful woman and after 4 years trying she should have the funds to repay her loans and fly to me in just one month.  I can spare zero money for you and even if I get a huge political income I won’t send you one Cedi.
I know you come from a poor family which would be sad except you deserve no more.  The reason is that I also kmow that you wasted so much of my money on parties.  With your talent to scam I am sure you could manage an honest business.  With all the money I gave you you could have bought a business big enough to draw ten times the average good Ghana income.  But instead when you are too old to scam anymore you will die in the dust of the street like garbage.
Now if your bullshit about gold or gold money is true this hundreth time, just send it with no delivery fee.  Also I will not send an image of my ID for the delivery man can look at the real ID when he comes with whatever it is.
Don’t fuck with me this time for I can’t do it today but if you don’t deliver when you say you will deliver, in a few months I can have you thrown into a wood chipper feet first to be chipped into little pieces while alive, and as for your woman Mugis her pussy will be cut open up to her navel (belly button or the damned little hole stupid).