Friday, May 27, 2016

For the History Books -- One Really Good Thing Obama Did for America

Have you noticed the recent change on Website profiles, registrations, online payment questionnaires and such?  They have started using the question "Gender" with a checkbox for male and a checkbox for female.  This is the result of considerate a rapid action taken by Obama...and I am proud to say say the I, a Conservative, wrote the letter to him via that caused this great bi-partisan agreement.

My letter was as follows...

Mr. President:

I am very concerned about POLITICAL CORRECTNESS but I am very confused by one question when filling out forms on the internet.  Knowing your deep interest in lesbian, gay, bi and transgender issues I am hoping you can clarify this question for me.

The question is SEX with only a checkbox for male and a checkbox for female.  Why under SEX is there no checkbox for YES??

NOTICE... I am taking urgent sick leave from the internet but though it was hard I had to pull this last joke on you before signing off for hopefully just one week to heal.

I am suffering severe computer blindness again but the pain is not bad now for the new medicine is effective.

I could not drive myself to the eye appointment and once there I was wheelchaired thru the hospital.  Already I can open my eyes to the computer screen a little more.  However I've discovered that they call it the cursor because you have to curse at it to find it and my inbox is just impossible to attack.  There was a power failure while I was at the hospital, so I had to ask a neighbor to read the computer clock and help me reset the house clock.  I am working very hard for the People to hire (vote for) me as their secondary leader.  However my workload may be lightened soon for I may get a chance to speak nationwide on PBS FM Radio stations to spread my name and words to the vast number of citizen voters I need and not have to do it a few at a time by myself.

Please pray that I don't say anything stupid to the whole Nation.  I am very worried about that for even when I was just a little baby my parents said " He will never amount to anything.  Look he's putting his foot in his mouth again".

With that I say God Bless and Goodbye until I can handle the computer again...hopefully soon for I couldn't even chat with my fiancee overseas but briefly today and I so wanted to talk to her after missing 3 days.  I am happy to say she has already received $300 of the funds needed to repay loans and fly here to me in the USA.  It seems sure now that she will really be here with me within just one month after waiting almost 4 years.