Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Devine Coincidence / Manipulation of Probability / a Miracle

I've had many such unlikely coincidences which are Signs or messages/lesson from God that He has Great Purpose for me.  I now think that my purpose will materialize BEFORE the Second Coming of the Christ.  Things may get much worse for the World before Jesus comes with a Sword in His Mouth (that beats Rambo's knife), but I can help Donald save America from the worst of it.  I read or heard somewhere that America is not mentioned in Biblical Prophesy of the turmoil of the Last Days.  Before I figured that America would be the free and civilized first landing field for Christ's Glorious and Powerful return.  Now I think it shall also survive the END to become the strong anchor to pull the rest of the World out of destruction.

Now here is the Sign.  1. The computer matched me 86% with TRUMP and I know we are complimentary.  He is rich and powerful and I am poor and humble and we thus need each other to be as a team of two heads to fix the Nation's woes.  2.  Donald is pictured as TRUMP the LION in many representations.  However long before the other candidates including Donald hit the news, one of my avatars (a GIF) was the LION too.  It makes sense that both the P and the VP be of Presidential quality in case Donald takes sick leave or Heaven Forbid worse.

Here is my avatar...

Now on another subject, I think Obama should be impeached from sitting his last 3 days in Office in order to give the Vice President his chance in the Oval Office that he had been Biden his time for.

As Vice President I will be working WITH Trump and not biding my time for Washington D.C. is full of vice and somebody must take charge of it...LOL