Monday, May 29, 2017


IN THE BEGINNING I hoped and worked my heart out to become your leader. Then I reduced my GOAL to stand with TRUMP. It is better that the President picked Pence for I started with one nervous disability and now have a second disability in my vision. I have reduced my GOAL a second time to that of being a General Adviser on many issues and subjects and disciplines. That I can still do though I will need some vision assistance such as a taxi on bad vision days and someone to offload my computer hours. It would be nice just to have a secretary.
I do not know if Trump will hire me even if I go thru
However when Christ comes I hope to be in front awaiting His Healing and making me stronger than I ever was. Christ may have to raise me from the dead but then I hope He deems me worthy as His first officer for I know the meaning of the "Sword in His mouth" and how it will work and how God the Father of us & the US and also of Jesus will disclose exact who must be cut down by the Sword (names, faces and addresses) in order to destroy all levels of leadership in Lucifer's machine. I also feel a guilt and shame for which I want Christ Himself to tell me whether my heart is wrong or I am just told so.
I have a Temper and have suffered cruelty and I know why Jesus had to suffer even more and die for Man. However my rage softens before I can take any action. I know that Jesus does not Hate the leaders (even those who lead just themselves like a lone serial killer) but simply MUST remove them in order to allow the World to live in unthreatened Peace and beat our swords into plow shares. Once the Evil is gone what need is there for police to risk their lives? Whether they would do more than direct traffic I do not know.
When Christ returns men will be strong with muscles that women love, but they will not be for the fight ring to support wives thru winnings but strong for the plow (figurative) to grow things and build things for them.
Think about this. Maybe with less stress due to competent management on the job men will no longer die at the average age of 85 but go on into old age together with their wives. I am not Biblically versed enough to know is Man's life span will increase during the Thousand Years but imagine the second, third and more Honeymoons you might have.
Now here is the video that inspired me to write these words... P.S. The Evil ones who die by the Power of Jesus' Sword will feel no pain for Christ will not punish no matter how severe the Evil for He will only want to remove Evil and is NOT concerned with their punishment. Punishment will come from Evil people's own Great Leader, Lucifer.
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