Monday, June 26, 2017

Message to the White House

Dear Melania, Greetings,

I have a recent photo of you sitting in a chair in Saudi Arabia.  You look elegant and give off powerful vibes.  It prompted me to think of the following.

To my knowledge you come from a small farming village in Europe.  Hence in order to be compatible with Donald you had to be taught the traits of a Lady such as which fork to use and when, just like Katherine Hepburn in "My Fair Lady".  Now I heard that when they finally started to teach you how to sit like a proper Lady you got fed-up and said "I ALREADY KNOW HOW TO SIT, my dog taught me".  I hope you enjoy the humor.  When I was screaming in pain in the ER they kept telling me to roll over so they could see the wound.  But the mattress on the gurney made it hard to roll over against gravity, so I said "I know how to roll over, my dog taught me".

I had another joke but am in pain and forgot it.  I sure wish I could get an answer about getting an advisory position.  I have been jobless since 1979 but am more than qualified.  I am on all search engines & Google Images but Bing has the correct URL for my eBook.  My whole life is ruined but I hope to earn a retirement out of poverty by age 73 after just one Trump term.  Afterward I can consult remotely for his second term.  I came very close to asking the Mafia to tie me to a chair and inject me with heroin, Digitalis or Seconol and maybe punch me in the face so it looked like murder.  Otherwise my insurance won't pay for a graveside burial.  My name is on the family stone and I want to be with the only family that loved me.  I would also like to be in a good hospital for maybe 2 weeks, like Bethesda Naval, with my eyes bandaged and a lot of medicine in them.  All I need is headphones with good jazz and classical music to keep my mind busy while in the dark.  It has been so bad that I was blinking the one eye I could open to see through the puss and finish my post.  Twice I was screaming in an ambulance and 3 days in a row I went to the ER with lesser pain.