Monday, May 8, 2017


It amazes me!

A forest fire starts with just a burning match which can easily be blown out.

So far it is still Christians and all Faiths except Muslim that have the tanks and firepower.

Only in Islamic countries do they have heavy weapons.

Yes I saw a huge crowd of a million Muslims somewhere in Europe, but just 10 machine guns could remove them.

Then the cheapest way to rid yourselves of the bodies is to air drop them in known shark infested waters.

A well fed shark eats fewer fish.  Therefore it would be a partial solution to over-fishing.

Stop it with the stupid and risky police barricades and non-lethal weapons.

You can also pass a law that ALL canned or frozen foods which contain meat also contain 1% PORK...ham, bacon, tenderloin, chops or whatever.

Starve the bastards out!

Also all of those polluting empty water bottles can be filled at a slaughter house with pig's blood. 
Dilute it 50% so it does not clog the pumps on the simple, toy squirt guns you use to drive away Sharia demonstrators.  If they get hit in the faces their only means of going to be with Allah is to behead themselves.

Also put some pig's blood in glass bottles which you can throw to break against their front doors thus making their homes "unlivable" even after rain washes away the bad blood.

In America they used our freedoms against us.  Use their superstition against them.

My friend told me that Muslims in an African country were shocked as the Koran was translated and they heard that they should kill their Christian neighbors.

Also the doctor who found my cancer early at the American Veterans' hospital is from Iran.

Two other friends are in Kuwait and Jordan.

So just kill those who are on your National land.

Here is a symbolic picture of me as the World's
"HEAD" of State
for just this one issue.