Thursday, February 9, 2017


THE END                            THE OTHER END


This will be short for I just got out of medical treatment yesterday.  They have not sent my photo so I cannot show my road kill appearance when admitted.   PAIN.

I tried to ask you for a job so many times and so many ways, finally resorting to the Secret Service to hand you a note.  You can ask my friend agent Chris W. about me and where and how I live 100 yards from a film location for "Poor White Trash".   I wrote the first diagnostics and repair manuals for F-16 flight control and landing gears systems.

Your family, Newt Gingrich and others flooded my inbox with petty questions always followed by requests for donations out of my $623 per month income.  However none of you lifted a finger to send me one word of HOPE.   You say you are for the forgotten.  If you find my body in a pool of blood in front of Trump Tower or by the Lincoln Memorial (Abe was my 5th cousin via Great, Great Grandmother Cordelia Lincoln Revelle) will you please not step on me?

I am tired from building perhaps 10 million followers worldwide and about 7,500 VIP contacts and / or followers and twice driving Hillary off of my Webpages.

All you have too do is Google my name.  Yes I know you are busy but so am I fighting without money or TV to help spread my name, working 7 days / nights a week since late 2012.

I have an option to suicide if General Motors will hire me to redesign the electrical system of the Buick Avenir concept car, it's suspension, two model names, options and slight interior changes.   If not I can try again to lead a BMW - Russian co-op to build cars with Amerrican workers in the USA but under Foreign management as currently done by BMW and Japanese manufacturers.

While in skilled care to heal up there was news of your action on the Pacific Trade Agreement, but too much noise to hear much.  However I so wanted to ask you for slight changes.  I took a computer questionaire and matched you by 86% so I am sure you would have considered my suggestions.

Yes I know it is lonely at the top, but it is much lonelier at the bottom.  You are now "Mr. President" but crazy as it may sound that was my goal (the only job to regain my honor and earn a middle class retirement and work for the People and NOT Corporate America that treated me like dirt) in 2012.  Then I lost faith when political late comers with PACs and big paychecks overwhelmed me with TV ads.  Then I realized that you needed a VP.  That failed but it is good that you picked Mike for he looks strong and healthy.  Tell him the hair on top of my head turned white too when I poured Draino down the tub drain....Ha.
Text deleted...some people have more than 2500 character brains!
In short.  I want you to hire me as a consultant or appoint me as an adviser.  You can always say "YOU'RE FIRED" if I don't produce.  That's all, just give me a chance and send me a few hundred dollars for clothes so I can look like I belong in D.C. when I arrive plus fuel and lodging funds so I don't have to rest in my car on the shoulder with on eye open and a weapon.  Right now I need about $1,200 in car repair and do not know how I can solve that problem.