Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Small Piece of My Life

Ivanka Trump told how her father encouraged her to be anything she wanted to be and you can see the result in her face.
I had the exact opposite upbringing so I have had to draw confidence from inside and the CAN DO wisdoms posted on the Web. I recently called Mom to tell some good news about my campaign progress, and as I predicted she tried to fill me with discouragement, but now God is my courage.
I am posting here my fed-up response so you will know a tiny bit of the pressure I have lived thru. By comparison a term in or secondary to the White House is a walk in the park, and only that job will restore my Honor and self respect. I recently read that Donald now consides reducing SS and Medicare benefits. He may still do it, but after he talks with me it will be in a way that does not hurt the little guys like I am right now.
I have always protected my step family for I am the jobless black sheep of the family so you will never know their different surnames or see their photos though I am proud of the one of my little brother in front of the Kremlin as Deputy Director buying Russian oil for a major American petroleum company. Okay enough intro. here's my letter to Mom.....
Mom, I get respect from people more important than you. Even in my 40s when I was trying in spite of the pain of my disability to get a job selling cars you said “Nobody will hire you at your age. They wouldn’t hire Mark”.’ That is why I stayed in Dallas until my funds were exhausted, for I knew how miserable living with you and Bill would be (I did not know he was dead). Now you are afraid to let me spend the night in your home just because I got mad and tried to fight back against your hypocrisy over MY money the only way I could outside a court room. No you won’t invite me into your home and you’ve spread your foul gossip to Mark so I can’t get a key to stay at his place when he is as usual not home. I let you stay at my home to save motel costs, and the last time when I was dead tired and wanted to go to bed you said “I don’t think I can sleep. You don’t have a gun do you?”. You’re too dense to realize my gun license was expired and non-renewable since I had been in hospital for my nerves. When you reach Heaven in your Judgment I hope God will show you images of what I saw in you with the effect it had on me, and give you just a few seconds of the pain and various miseries I was under with my disability. I used to be proud of you because you were a great cook, executive director and other things. I realize now that you are a small-minded person that wants to keep me down in the pettiness with you. If I am lucky enough to reach D.C. you don’t have the courage or character to be invited there. And as I told Gary, your name is different so keep your mouth shut about knowing me for it isn’t worth the tax dollars to have the Secret Service protect you and I don’t want some enemy like ISIS to get to you in order to get to me. I am in a tough political fight and need all the encouragement I can get, so from now on if we call one another the talk will be limited to petty “How are you, what’s the weather like, and anything new in Benton”. A few times back you said that you still loved me. Thanks but at that point I didn’t really care. I just call because my fiancee always asks me how you are doing in spite of me telling her the foul words you use against her. She knows me better in these few yeae without direct contact than you know me from a lifetime. She is getting a copy of this message so maybe she won’t bother me with questions about you, but know she cares for once she leaves her home country she will have no nearby family. The Secret Service has come to my home and a higher agent should hand my introductory note to Donald Trump soon. You think you’re so smart but you won’t even visit my many Websites when I tell you they are safe and that I wouldn’t send you a virus (In effect you imply that I am stupid or a DAMNED LIAR). If you had courage and were proud of your son you would look at the site links I give you to see the huge number of friends and fans I have. So you would rather die without ever knowing your son. You can’t stand the pressure of a greeting eCard if it moves or has sound. I will no longer waste my time, effort and creativity on fickle you. By the way, I am not responsible for your miscarriage. When I said that I wished I were never born you got angry, but when you said you wished you had aborted me I am just suppose to take it. Goodbye and I pray to God in Jesus’ name for your soul. Amen
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@SenLisaTorraco I would like your advice, but can't ask unless you follow-back so I can send a direct message. God Bless