Thursday, January 12, 2017


TRUMP will take office in seven days and we will FINALLY HAVE LEADERSHIP

Yet the World is still Dark and Foreboding as evidenced by the New Warning below.

💢💢💢 *URGENT* 💢💢💢 Careful. Please pass around to your family and friends.!! People have been receiving calls from +37560260528 +37127913091 +37178565072 +56322553736 +37052529259 +255901130460 or any number starting from +375, +371, +381, One ring & hang up. If you call back, it's one of those Numbers that are charged $15 - $30. They can copy your contact list in 3secs. If you have bank or Credit Card details in your phone, they can copy that too ! +375 is from Belarus Afghanistan.. +371 code for Lativa, +381 code for Serbia +563 code for Valparaiso +370 code for Vilnius +255 code for Tanzania. These calls may be from ISIS. Don't answer or Call back. Please FORWARD AND SHARE this with your friends and family. PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE this. IF SOME ONE ASKs YOU TO DIAL #09 or #90. Please Do Not Dial this When Asked. Please circulate urgently. New Trick of popular Terrorists to Frame Innocent People..! There is a fraud company using a device that once you press #90 or #09. they can access your SIM card and make calls at your expense. Forward this message to as many friends as you can.In short, be careful in receiving unknown calls.🚨 The news just shown in Singapore News Channel 5 to alert all Citizens to be alert and careful.
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