Friday, October 28, 2016

At the Last Minute comes My Comment

Robert Dean Burlison II I am sure I could have done it, but now I am exhausted and just hoping Trump will hire me as an adviser. Made photo in 2012, then lowered goal to VP with Trump, now still lower to adviser to get same agenda passed. Without money I knew I needed a head start in 2012. Worked 7 days/nights per week with many trips to doctor for eye straim, sometimes screaming in pain. Before mu info site was hacked I knew that a million+ were aware of me worldwide, about 7500 VIP. I am all over Google and even have a friend in the Secret Service. I know the apartment number of Sergey, a low level Russian Mafia boss, received email from a Prime Minister, know the man who was in-charge of the Space Shuttle, dropped Paris Hilton after years, know former NBC News producer and film industry people, NATO General, lady formerly in Secretariat of Russian Georgia, royalty and so on. I am 5th cousin to Abe via great, great grandmother Cordelia Lincoln Revelle. Who the Hell is Petar? Does he have the brains to help two poor countries while cutting taxdollars in the process? Can h conceive weapon systems? Does he have a thermodynamic theory to turn the desert in Peru green with crops? Does he know how and have the balls to end ID theft, scams and cyber crime? Has he played a key roll in nuclear defense, been asked by a President to abort a plan to free hostages in Iran, gone on a deep cover drug buy? Can he do the hard ass things needed, assure Putin and his followers will never attack us with nuclear weapons without using a dooms day machine which would pollute the whole world? Has he got a plan for North Korea? Can he figure out how many expensive F-22's we really need and the ways to use a lesser number? Can he reduce the cost to fly Air Force One on domestic trips? Can he deal with the Mafia and do the planning for inner cities to raise quality of life, safety and a place for senior or poor citizens to come into the city without worry to buy cheaper food and goods? Does he have a powerful following for such needs as engineering which I have forgotten, business, economics and other experts I can draw on in addition to White House staff?

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From My Inbox

Before the post I have some words.  I emailed the Prime Minister of New Zealand, reminded him who I was and told him why sending his words to me instead of Obama was smart.

Then I talked about the pressure of maybe running out of money and credit before bills are paid while at the same time think up solutions for federal, state and international problems.

For some reason poor people think I have money.  I had to unfollow a Sapnish speaking man for his poor English and my poor Spanish made it too difficult.  I know he had no money and needed to renew his visa.  He asked if he could sell his paintings here.  I sent a photo of my small mobile home and I think he thought it was an invitation to stay with me.  The only place for hom to have slept is the sofa if I could find empty space to move papers covering it.

Missionaries in Africa know better than to ask me for money, but still I am tagged in Facebook photos and posts which I am not in by the missionaries and other.  I am known in Nigeria, Sera Leone, Gambia and the Ivory Coast.

The Prime Minister John Key is on the left and the other guy's whole family floods my inbox with petty surveys and a $3 chance to have coffee and share my thoughts with Ivanka.  I would rather buy $3 in lottery tickets.  I know Ivanka is intelligent but I cannot talk about nuclear weapon issues, how to keep Putin and his successors from ever using a nuclear weapon against America without creating a dooms day machine to polute the whole world, Peru's desert coast being the ideal place to test a prototype of my thermodynamic theory and maybe turn the desert green with crops, modifications of the system to desalinate water for San Antonio, Texas and lessen the load on the Edwards Aquafer, yet another modification for the oil rich Middle  East to desalinate without burning precious petrolium, purifying non-saline water in Africa.  Then there is reverse cracking.  Cracking is the boiling of petroleum and condensing the fumes at different densities...gasoline, kerosine, asphalt.  I cannot talk to Ivanka about my defense for a danger you do not know exists.   I can only share my killing ideas for ISIS and Hezbollah with the Joint Chiefs.

It is risking my future to say anything negative about Trump but he and his huge staff have my email address and nobody will sent 3 words of hope for a job when Trump enters office..  He is the only man who can fix America but he needs my inputs.  He knows people and business and how to organize and where to find the needed corporate applications and such but he does nto know how to cut the cost of Air Force One.  If Trump does not hire me I have 2 options, death or Russia.  I will nto help Russia against our troops or country but I am trapped with a top of the line Chevy and have no money to fix the heat and air conditioning.  Soon the season for defogging the windshield will arrive and the air conditioner comes on with the heat to do that.  Then comes winter with no heat.  So I have in mind the co-op manufacture of a car with my suspension and electrical system by Russia and Germany's BMW.  It would be priced just a few thousand dollars above a Cadillac and would drive GM back into the gutter where Obama found it.  Then it would be Russia building plants in the US and hiring American workers to co-produce.  I have a huge followign of Corporations in America but I owe them nothing after 40 yours of joblessness  and enduring the pain in my body resulting from nervous stress.

I will stop for I am beginning to discuss too many variables for the average person.   Back to BMW and Russia.  A dependence on Germany for Russia's struggling economy would result in Putin showing friendship.  Germany is a NATO country, therefore the friendship or truss would spread to all of NATO.  I know there are many typing errors in this but I am too tired to fix them and this green text is hard to see on a white composing background.


Dear Patriot,
Polls show 56% of Americans disagreed with the FBI’s decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for using a private email server to transmit classified intelligence.
But why did the FBI take a dive on the case?
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Brittany Green, Editor

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Tere is a way to email Donald Trump

Just Google contact email for donald trump's staff

I am very sick and also think that I have worked pass the point of recovering  my ability to endure  over 30 to 45 minutes  outside in sunlight.   So the following is my last message to Trump.  A few days ago 2 men (peer support ) came from the VA hospital to help but it was such chaos that I lost my temper.  8 times I  I tried to interupt about the important high court document under 3 inches of papers on my dining table.  The table is 40% visible now but he court documents may be on the table or in one of two trash bags which must be searched by someone before I can take the trash out.  The taxi discounts they mentioned on the phone 30 minutes earlier were never addressed and I did not get a ride to pay 3 bills.  It took a week to get this little help and once I needed groceries so bad I risked driving when my vision wa snot good and was on both sides of the road many times.  They gave me the number to an assistance agency but I called and found out that I would have to answer the same questions for the third time to qualify for a ride to pay bills in 3 places and have someone with me  for I am in so deep some bills are late simply due to fear of opening them.

I am not sure for I no longer have a sense of time, but I think I am working less on the computer since there is no more elected position to fight for..  I think I sleep about 8 hours day or night then an additional 4 to 6 hours within a 24 hour period.  Even so one day just the time  to boot up and enter my password caused my eyes to water.  I have been dealing with this pain for 1.5 to 2 years, wiping away tears and sometimes puss..

Here is what I just sent  our next President

Donald..LAST WORDS to you,

In severe condition.   If you hire me , in addition to slight work hour change to avoid worst traffic, I may have to rely on taxis and have vision assistant for long tasks on computer.   I need the job desperately.  I do not wish to anger you bu not even the courtesy of a reply.  I can no longer get people in US to finish me and have no money to get to Russia.  I have the name and apartment number and have seen the apartments via satellite.  A Mafia boss lives there and I know how to make him do it.  I hoped for it to be painless such as  an OD of seconal, digitalis or heroin, but I have endured great pain a number of times and no longer care if it must be a gun shot or a knife.  I also have financial  issues and  have written to a Kuwaiti friend for help.  I do not want to ask you since you are asking me for money almost daily and I don't want to piss you off for I need you to hire me.  Anyway I think I will change my request to what I need for debts and enough to get to Russia.  I have friends there who can help help me navigate to the boss, Sergei's apartment.  I will just abandon my car and mobile home and 3'x6' piece of American real estate.  Get this clear in your head.  I know for sure that as with the quote from the movie "I cannot self-terminate" so I do not want additional burden due to this message.  Your silence pushed me to write it.  This time I am got to copy and paste this to a Trump group with 12,000 members and I had a million+ before my stats site was hacked and about 7.500 are VIP including a Prime Minister and a princess .  I will post as much as the energy I have left allows.