Saturday, November 26, 2016

A Loony Muslim

A Muslim man was bent down praying in the usual way.
Meanwhile nearby Elmer Fudd was hunting wabbit.
Elmer started chasing and shooting at Bugs, but Bugs jumped into his hole.
When Elmer arrived at the hole he saw an angry Muslim glaring at him.
Elmer: "What, have you got a HARE up your ass again?"

Thursday, November 24, 2016


George Washington was a great man, but thank GOD for the Pill. Without it Hugh Hefner would have been Father of the Country.  
I saw his WWII photo in uniform and he looked like a wimp.  Also he could not afford the women he wanted.  But he was a genius.  He created a magazine to make other men pay for his women.


GLOBAL MILITARY HELICOPTER MARKET REPORT FOR 2017 plus a photo of my personal dream...

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

U.S. Secretary of State

After seeing a Facebook post about Newt Gingrich favoring Rudy Giuliani over Mitt Romney as the next Secretary of State I wrote the following comment...

Mitt is a Latter Day Saint (Mormon). I converted to the same church for about 2 years. Here is why I quit. [1] The prophet leader Monson had his photo taken cozy beside Obama presenting him with a desk top size chart of his ancestry. (The church gets free access to since members volunteer to read old hand written papers and type the names so they can be put into the computer), but Hell Obama is from Kenya. As for Monson the Bible says that even the wise shall be deceived. [2] If you follow me you know I deal with heavy issues. After church I was trying to get the Bishop's attention. I was tired and weak and had serious moral issues to discuss. The Bishop continued to talk to a younger strong man probably about routine business so I tried to make the analogy that a nuclear bomb does not discriminate, that both the topless bar 5 miles down the road and the church would be gone in virtually the same instant. I gave up trying to talk and went home. All of the police in town are my friends so it was very quick for them to trust me. They told me that someone from the church reported that I threatened to bomb the church and hurt the Bishop. The Bishop is much younger and so tall he must duck to enter thru doors. So I quit going but about two weeks later the director called me and repeated the same lie about a threat be made. I got pissed and there were some swear words. Then the director said that if I showed up at church again the police would escort me out. I toldhim the same would happen if his people showed up at my home. You know the young missionaries go door to door trying to sell people on the Mormon church and I would hate to have them arrested. [3] I have small 3 line leaflets reading TRUMP-BURLISON 2016 / Robert Dean Burlison II on Google / ....God Bless First the Bishop said that I could had them out during break but not put one on the bulletin board. Then when I brought then the next week he said I could not. The church members were my friends and Mormons travel from far to meet so it was my only chance to tell them what I was doing. Separation of church and state yes but they are also citizens and voters and had the right to know about me. I was told that I can returnif I have a change of heart but I now have found a bigger church with a PA system I can hear and big print lyrics on video screens so I can sing. Soon the Mormon Christmas party will be held and I will miss one of the 4 times a year that I get a really good meal. Photo of prophet Monson with Obama looking at his family history.

Saturday, November 12, 2016


WARNING: I got a call from New York +1 929 356 8592. If like the SCAM the number will not remain valid.
It concerned DELWYN, an IT support company.
Originally a virus popped up causing my screen to go crazy. I figured out that I could end it by closing the page. However a little window kept popping up before I could move the cursor 4 inches to the X. The little window had a phone number to call to remove the virus that they, the Mafia, had put in. Each time the window appeared with a different number to cover-up. I had no choice but to pay the $100 for I needed my computer fast. My bank, US Bank got my $100 back and I think the letter from the Nebraska Attorney General concerned DELWYN.
Now this man with I think a Dutch accent on the phone said that I had taken DELWYN support at my own free will. Yes but it was a bribe or extortion.
Now I did mention some "muscle" contacts of my own (5th Amendment) but then he mentioned my desire to work for Donald Trump. This threw me off. Was I insulting one of Donald's staff?
I told him that I have a plan to stop scam, ID theftt and cyber crime DEAD in their tracks. I called my Secret Service friend but got his answering system which told me to call headquarters if an emergency. They told me to call my local police who told me to just not give my bank info. I said DELWYN already had it, but then remembered I had since changed banks. When you are tired, racing to finish a post and chat with your woman in Africa and 45 seconds later the phone rings with a delicate matter to solve you over-react.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


As far back as I can remember every American President when in public has kissed babies and children.  The following is proof that Donald Trump too "loves" children

By another of the hundreds of coincidenced God has given me I also had the lion logo about a year and a half before Donald, before the general public heard of him.  Also a Website matched my views with those of Donald 86%

In an earlier post I told you how to contact Donald's staff and put in a favorable word for me.  I do not even have a secretary and Donald's staff is HUGE.  However nobody will reply to me with three words of hope for the White House position I want. 

My eyes have miraculously healed now, but I am still working hard and nobody will give the slightest help.  I need voters behind me to FORCE Trump or his staff to recognize my worth and that I am human even though not rich.

The press, radio and TV, online and broadcast and in other countries was aware of me but would not donate 3 lines to spread my name and I have no money for nationwide ads.

I sent my solution for the Ukraine - Russia situation to the Evening Luganski in the Ukraine.  I admitted that I had no staff or advisers and that is was all from my mind, but I do not know if it was published.

I have taken some actions as if in elected office such as offering a Muslim in a country I will not name for his safety political asylum if I was elected.  I also emailed a Saudi royal Senior Consul in Sharia Law asking as a favor to me that he try to stop the 1000 lash sentence of a man for insulting Islam.

I know a few Muslims who are good people.  One engineer inside Iran told me that all of our news about Iran is propaganda.  That gave me insight into the total power and control of propaganda in Iran.  The Veterans Affairs doctor who found my cancer and sent me for a cure is Iranian.  Rather than killing them all, I know a way to separate the wheat from the tare and just kill those too brainwashed to be trusted anywhere in the world.

Now here is one more picture.  Muslims hate Christians and Muslims hate dogs, so this bright upstanding Muslim decided to solve both issues by crucifying a dog.  When Trump lets our troops free on the Muslim world I want this one taken alive for I want to kill him myself.  I will not say how lest I give another idea to ISIS.