Saturday, November 12, 2016


WARNING: I got a call from New York +1 929 356 8592. If like the SCAM the number will not remain valid.
It concerned DELWYN, an IT support company.
Originally a virus popped up causing my screen to go crazy. I figured out that I could end it by closing the page. However a little window kept popping up before I could move the cursor 4 inches to the X. The little window had a phone number to call to remove the virus that they, the Mafia, had put in. Each time the window appeared with a different number to cover-up. I had no choice but to pay the $100 for I needed my computer fast. My bank, US Bank got my $100 back and I think the letter from the Nebraska Attorney General concerned DELWYN.
Now this man with I think a Dutch accent on the phone said that I had taken DELWYN support at my own free will. Yes but it was a bribe or extortion.
Now I did mention some "muscle" contacts of my own (5th Amendment) but then he mentioned my desire to work for Donald Trump. This threw me off. Was I insulting one of Donald's staff?
I told him that I have a plan to stop scam, ID theftt and cyber crime DEAD in their tracks. I called my Secret Service friend but got his answering system which told me to call headquarters if an emergency. They told me to call my local police who told me to just not give my bank info. I said DELWYN already had it, but then remembered I had since changed banks. When you are tired, racing to finish a post and chat with your woman in Africa and 45 seconds later the phone rings with a delicate matter to solve you over-react.