Friday, October 21, 2016

Tere is a way to email Donald Trump

Just Google contact email for donald trump's staff

I am very sick and also think that I have worked pass the point of recovering  my ability to endure  over 30 to 45 minutes  outside in sunlight.   So the following is my last message to Trump.  A few days ago 2 men (peer support ) came from the VA hospital to help but it was such chaos that I lost my temper.  8 times I  I tried to interupt about the important high court document under 3 inches of papers on my dining table.  The table is 40% visible now but he court documents may be on the table or in one of two trash bags which must be searched by someone before I can take the trash out.  The taxi discounts they mentioned on the phone 30 minutes earlier were never addressed and I did not get a ride to pay 3 bills.  It took a week to get this little help and once I needed groceries so bad I risked driving when my vision wa snot good and was on both sides of the road many times.  They gave me the number to an assistance agency but I called and found out that I would have to answer the same questions for the third time to qualify for a ride to pay bills in 3 places and have someone with me  for I am in so deep some bills are late simply due to fear of opening them.

I am not sure for I no longer have a sense of time, but I think I am working less on the computer since there is no more elected position to fight for..  I think I sleep about 8 hours day or night then an additional 4 to 6 hours within a 24 hour period.  Even so one day just the time  to boot up and enter my password caused my eyes to water.  I have been dealing with this pain for 1.5 to 2 years, wiping away tears and sometimes puss..

Here is what I just sent  our next President

Donald..LAST WORDS to you,

In severe condition.   If you hire me , in addition to slight work hour change to avoid worst traffic, I may have to rely on taxis and have vision assistant for long tasks on computer.   I need the job desperately.  I do not wish to anger you bu not even the courtesy of a reply.  I can no longer get people in US to finish me and have no money to get to Russia.  I have the name and apartment number and have seen the apartments via satellite.  A Mafia boss lives there and I know how to make him do it.  I hoped for it to be painless such as  an OD of seconal, digitalis or heroin, but I have endured great pain a number of times and no longer care if it must be a gun shot or a knife.  I also have financial  issues and  have written to a Kuwaiti friend for help.  I do not want to ask you since you are asking me for money almost daily and I don't want to piss you off for I need you to hire me.  Anyway I think I will change my request to what I need for debts and enough to get to Russia.  I have friends there who can help help me navigate to the boss, Sergei's apartment.  I will just abandon my car and mobile home and 3'x6' piece of American real estate.  Get this clear in your head.  I know for sure that as with the quote from the movie "I cannot self-terminate" so I do not want additional burden due to this message.  Your silence pushed me to write it.  This time I am got to copy and paste this to a Trump group with 12,000 members and I had a million+ before my stats site was hacked and about 7.500 are VIP including a Prime Minister and a princess .  I will post as much as the energy I have left allows.