Tuesday, October 25, 2016

From My Inbox

Before the post I have some words.  I emailed the Prime Minister of New Zealand, reminded him who I was and told him why sending his words to me instead of Obama was smart.

Then I talked about the pressure of maybe running out of money and credit before bills are paid while at the same time think up solutions for federal, state and international problems.

For some reason poor people think I have money.  I had to unfollow a Sapnish speaking man for his poor English and my poor Spanish made it too difficult.  I know he had no money and needed to renew his visa.  He asked if he could sell his paintings here.  I sent a photo of my small mobile home and I think he thought it was an invitation to stay with me.  The only place for hom to have slept is the sofa if I could find empty space to move papers covering it.

Missionaries in Africa know better than to ask me for money, but still I am tagged in Facebook photos and posts which I am not in by the missionaries and other.  I am known in Nigeria, Sera Leone, Gambia and the Ivory Coast.

The Prime Minister John Key is on the left and the other guy's whole family floods my inbox with petty surveys and a $3 chance to have coffee and share my thoughts with Ivanka.  I would rather buy $3 in lottery tickets.  I know Ivanka is intelligent but I cannot talk about nuclear weapon issues, how to keep Putin and his successors from ever using a nuclear weapon against America without creating a dooms day machine to polute the whole world, Peru's desert coast being the ideal place to test a prototype of my thermodynamic theory and maybe turn the desert green with crops, modifications of the system to desalinate water for San Antonio, Texas and lessen the load on the Edwards Aquafer, yet another modification for the oil rich Middle  East to desalinate without burning precious petrolium, purifying non-saline water in Africa.  Then there is reverse cracking.  Cracking is the boiling of petroleum and condensing the fumes at different densities...gasoline, kerosine, asphalt.  I cannot talk to Ivanka about my defense for a danger you do not know exists.   I can only share my killing ideas for ISIS and Hezbollah with the Joint Chiefs.

It is risking my future to say anything negative about Trump but he and his huge staff have my email address and nobody will sent 3 words of hope for a job when Trump enters office..  He is the only man who can fix America but he needs my inputs.  He knows people and business and how to organize and where to find the needed corporate applications and such but he does nto know how to cut the cost of Air Force One.  If Trump does not hire me I have 2 options, death or Russia.  I will nto help Russia against our troops or country but I am trapped with a top of the line Chevy and have no money to fix the heat and air conditioning.  Soon the season for defogging the windshield will arrive and the air conditioner comes on with the heat to do that.  Then comes winter with no heat.  So I have in mind the co-op manufacture of a car with my suspension and electrical system by Russia and Germany's BMW.  It would be priced just a few thousand dollars above a Cadillac and would drive GM back into the gutter where Obama found it.  Then it would be Russia building plants in the US and hiring American workers to co-produce.  I have a huge followign of Corporations in America but I owe them nothing after 40 yours of joblessness  and enduring the pain in my body resulting from nervous stress.

I will stop for I am beginning to discuss too many variables for the average person.   Back to BMW and Russia.  A dependence on Germany for Russia's struggling economy would result in Putin showing friendship.  Germany is a NATO country, therefore the friendship or truss would spread to all of NATO.  I know there are many typing errors in this but I am too tired to fix them and this green text is hard to see on a white composing background.


Dear Patriot,
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Brittany Green, Editor

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