Friday, October 28, 2016

At the Last Minute comes My Comment

Robert Dean Burlison II I am sure I could have done it, but now I am exhausted and just hoping Trump will hire me as an adviser. Made photo in 2012, then lowered goal to VP with Trump, now still lower to adviser to get same agenda passed. Without money I knew I needed a head start in 2012. Worked 7 days/nights per week with many trips to doctor for eye straim, sometimes screaming in pain. Before mu info site was hacked I knew that a million+ were aware of me worldwide, about 7500 VIP. I am all over Google and even have a friend in the Secret Service. I know the apartment number of Sergey, a low level Russian Mafia boss, received email from a Prime Minister, know the man who was in-charge of the Space Shuttle, dropped Paris Hilton after years, know former NBC News producer and film industry people, NATO General, lady formerly in Secretariat of Russian Georgia, royalty and so on. I am 5th cousin to Abe via great, great grandmother Cordelia Lincoln Revelle. Who the Hell is Petar? Does he have the brains to help two poor countries while cutting taxdollars in the process? Can h conceive weapon systems? Does he have a thermodynamic theory to turn the desert in Peru green with crops? Does he know how and have the balls to end ID theft, scams and cyber crime? Has he played a key roll in nuclear defense, been asked by a President to abort a plan to free hostages in Iran, gone on a deep cover drug buy? Can he do the hard ass things needed, assure Putin and his followers will never attack us with nuclear weapons without using a dooms day machine which would pollute the whole world? Has he got a plan for North Korea? Can he figure out how many expensive F-22's we really need and the ways to use a lesser number? Can he reduce the cost to fly Air Force One on domestic trips? Can he deal with the Mafia and do the planning for inner cities to raise quality of life, safety and a place for senior or poor citizens to come into the city without worry to buy cheaper food and goods? Does he have a powerful following for such needs as engineering which I have forgotten, business, economics and other experts I can draw on in addition to White House staff?