Friday, June 10, 2016


My friends, I had logged off for the night but I have fresh medcine in my eyes and the pain is gone I just want to talk to you about things that have been wanting to tell and/ or explain to you for a very long time. The gooey medicine makes things blurry but it should clear. So forgive any typos.
One of my hopes is for Donald to let me just sit and talk to the People on TV. As best I can recall it was Roosevelt that did it but his time was before TV. They were called Fire Side Chats and I would use the same name.. The two differences are that this time it would be the VICE President speaking to you and it would be aired at 10:00 PM after the kids are in bed and on Saturday night when you have rested from the week and have time. The Law requires you to be of ADULY age to VOTE and I expect you to think as adults when you listen to me. Some IMPORTANT issues like abortion replaced by birth control to stop home building into more and more of the shrinking wild animal habitat require BLUNT WORDS to register and stick in some of your minds. I have many other thoughts more tame to share. Often an idea pops into my head and I wish I could share it NOW. It would be nice to even share Classified things to explain why the action must be taken and my moral reasoning of it. But I won't have that luxury since what I reveal on TV or Media is instantly flashed to the enemies. I must deal with it alone, just betwwn ne, Donald and God. One more difference is pre-recording to allow for time zones and the fact that I sometimes get tongue tied or loose my train of thought. When I was just a tiny baby Mother said "he will never amount to anything. Look he's sticking his foot in his mouth again"...LOL
I began my campaign in 2012 with the goal of President, and indeed the Vice should also be Presidential material just in case. Yes I want to be be VP due to the few years left me to dig out of poverty but I will be satisfied with the lower VP salary and it will be a little lower and retirement pau will be limited to 10 or 15 years after Donald and I do the calculations. The only thing I want Donald to do is change the Law so the VP does not have to serve 5 years to get retirement since I only want one term even inthe event that the awful happens and I am thrust into the Oval Office. Maybe by serving only 4 instead of 5 years I could get retirement prorated to 80%.. Much beyond money there are other reasons to be VP. It is one of only 2 jobs that can regain my Honor yet again and I will be working for the PEOPLE who know about beating the streets for a job, lousy and ignorant bosses, affording to live close enough not to have a long rush hour drive every damned workday of your career and alway deep in your guts is the fear of getting the ax due to a recession, the company moving offshore or a boss with a hair up his ass (named Bugs Bunny). Some like me me know that many employer make promises and lie like Hell about the job to get you in the door. Then too there are the head hunters. No, I don't want to work for corporate industry that treated me like dirt so many years that my nerves cracked and I became painfully disabled. I t do believe in Small business but for my interests it requires Big business. As VP I can stand with my hard hat and clip board overlooking a vast industial machine called America. Another reason to be VP is my own agenda with many solutions itching to get out.
My first dishonor was failing out of college, not because I didn't work hard enough as my parents insulted me every day (read 10 chapters of organic chemistry over night). The emotional pain was great and I knew I would not even make it thru OJT for a blue collar job before the Vietnam draft got me. So I enlisted and my exam score were so high that none of the recruiter's promises were lies just to get me to sign. I told him to "tell it like it is for I'm going in regardless". I had the Medal of Honor in mind to save face with my parents. By coincidence the images in my head of how I would get it were very similar to how Forest Gump earned the Medal in the movie. But even in Basic Training I was thinking of a military career and as time went on I liked it for I lived with more respect, fun, good food and safety than any other time in my life. I was to busy and happy to think about the Medal of Honor again. The only time I asked for an assignment out of the Philippines to Vietnam was out off bordom as we were overmanned and just sat around with no work to do. Instead I was sent to luxurious Taiwan twice and Guam twice. It was only logical that the higher ups considered me too valuable to loose as my next Stateside assignment was caring for communications including Nixon's ability to order a nuclear bomb strike on Cuba.
The one thing that scares me too death is another failure like so many job interview if it got beyond laying my resume on the stack. I am in your hands. I can't fight any harder. If the PEOPLE don't help me, root for me, demand me, vote for me with Donald or scratch out the GOP choice and write me in, I AM DONE FOR AND DOOMED TO REMAIN A NOBODY IN THE GUTTER. In fact I am always forgetting the one thing that would keep me alive, my beautiful fiancee who I respect for her hard times and knows me in 4 years without meeting inperson better than my mother knows me from a lifetime.
In the old days my cousin Abe walked 10 feet out of the White House and he was with the People saying "How do you do". After my term I would like to tell the Secret Service to go home and be FREE to be with the People. I have lived alone in disgrace for decades and need to be loved like Lincoln though not with a monument. But again I probably won't have the luxury of such FREEDOM for I know my agenda will result in having personal enemies waiting for vengence hidden (moles) everywhere. But at least I would be know well enough not to experience such as the new woman in the neighborhood who called the police and said I tried to break in when in TRUTH my outstreched hand holding my resume was 3 feet from her door. In fact she was so fat and ugly that even the thought of rape would have made me puke but she must have sure thought she was HOT. I only bothered to try to be her friend for an introduction to her Cop husband who I did want to be friends with. By the way my eyes were too bad to drive today or read microwave instructions. My stomach hurt and I could not contact a friend to go to lunch with. Finally to a wrong number stranger I broke down in panic and asked them to call 911 not for an ambulance but for a cop. He knocked on my door a gave his name but since I couldn't focus on his face I asked if he knew me. He came in and microwaved some food for me. After tomorrow I will again have to bother a fireman to help fill my pill tray. I can't just ask a neighbor for usually when I stagger around the street trying to find a neighbor and shielding my eyes from the Sun I fail to find anybody. That all, God Bless.