Saturday, June 4, 2016

My REAL father

I just sent this to the American Motorcycle Association...

I couldn't find contact us and I am reaching the time limit I can bare on the computer.  Last night I couldn't open one eye so I was totally blind and 3 church friends helped me get things done until my vision returned.  So I am writing this message to the EAST ST LOUIS COBRAS MOTORCYCLE CLUB here as a review.

Though we are/were white men, my real father was an honorary Cobra member with a Harley Hog.  As an engineer the last time we talked I convinced him of the quality and reliability of Japanese bikes and soon later he died of a head injury on his Honda Gold Wing, bored out to be the fastest.  He wore only a Green Beret given by a friend.

My uncle was surprised that I arrived at the Bellville Hospital just 4 hours after he called me at my F-16 job in Fort Worth.  Part of that was due to looking at my speedometer on a cloverleaf and reading 80.  I had to tell the doctor my Life as a vegetable / Death decision.

Also when we last spoke I asked to use the Roman Numeral II on my name to honor him and keep his name alive to the World. (In truth I am all over Google as Robert Dean Burlison II to stop people from constantly asking if I am born again.)

I checked myself into Jefferson Barracks VA psych hospital in 2005 because I knew the severe chest pain that kept me awake heaving for 48 hours was in my head and note a real heart attack for I did not die.  They took away my 2 pain killers and I had to fight it cold turkey.  An Army Lt Colonel was impressed and gave me a second Christmas party one-on-one because I was in a wheelchair with bad vertigo feelings at the first party.  I had strained to stay on my feet for maybe a week, but when I finally found myself staring at floor tiles it was all black voices yelling MAN DOWN, so I know the meaning of "Soul"..  A few weeks ago I was handing out political leaflets at an Interstate rest stop. I just talked 5 seconds to a young black man and he said I had been thru a lot.  "Soul" means you can see into people the pain and suffering of those who have been thru it just as you as Blacks have.  Enough introduction, here's the good stuff...

Mr. President and Al Sharp tongue,
I am going to explain this so a kid could understand. I have had more black friends in my life than the two of you combined. So don't call me a RACIST for it makes me mad. If you do I will get into your secure computer, the one Hillary doesn't know, and mess things up. I know your password. It's racecar spelled backwards. Brilliant for you! Now I HAVE to use black people simply to make the following work...
Two groups of black men got into a little fight and one named Joe ran away. The next day Joe's friend said " You're just a chicken".
Joe's Answer: " Yeah, but I lay brown eggs".

You all know that Obama is a half breed with a Black father and White mother.  Now genetically speaking he could have been born Black, White or Mixed.  NEWS:  The fact is OBAMA IS A WHITE MAN.  Have a close look at the skin on his face.  It is only brown because he spends so much time with his head up his ass.

The Secret Service promised to hand my introductory note to Trump ASAP, but I need your help to spread my name.  I know from feedback that I can get the White, Black, Hispanic (they panic when a snake hisses), and Female Votes but is need vast numbers over my million+ to impress Trump to pick me as running mate.  I have no money and after years of 7 day/night per week on the blinding computer I am too exhausted to reach ALL the voters by myself.  Please share the following any ways you can...

Robert Dean Burlison II ... on Google 

NOTE - I am related to Abe via Great, Great Grandmother Cordelia Lincoln Revelle.  My side of the family helped the President with the first half of his task.  We were the first to advertise " Buy one, get one FREE".  Goodbye and God Bless