Monday, June 27, 2016

BIG OIL...Boycott BP Gasoline or Petrol

My friends, I need a favor and it is so dirt easy a baby could do it. I am not asking for a penny for I have deduced that even thode of you with money think you are too poor to help me. So be it, I still need you to hire (vote for) me so I can EARN an income by saving tax dollars and easily fixing what all of D.C. is too dense to fix.
Now I will not give you the last name of the other side of my broken family or bore you with the whole long painful story because there is still one half brother I talk to. The other I think won't talk to me because I lost it and chewed himout for not answering the phone when I was in the ER four days in a row. Years ago I told the one I still talk to not to even tell a soul that he knows me lest enemies like Hillary and ISIS try to use them to get to me. I no longer have love left to sacrifice my life for my family and they are not worth tax dollars for the Secret Service to protect.
Now I asked my hard working brother to contact my rich exec brother and ask him to give or loan me the last $600 need to get my woman to the USA. He said no which though he won't say it to my face means he thinks my woman is a scam. If I had not been so sick I would have slugged a cop friend for saying that. Even if she does turn out to be a scam she has been about all I have had in my 68 years and I love her too much to have her killed like the real tough cold hearted scammer gang I was a victim of. People are too dense to grasp the term "within context" I have four long years of text with no unexplained details. Early on she did lie, but that was to cover a shame for which she has been re-baptized into the Anglican Church and I forgave her. We only touch thru the keyboards but she knows me inside better than my mother. It has been so long I almost daily forget I have her to look forward to and when I mention suicide it scares her.
Now to get to the point. My brother has a wife who is also an exec. She constantly appears as a suggestion on LinkedIn but I no longer waste my time on her since she is too good to connect with the black sheep of the family. After decades I have only two vivid memories of her. [1] Standing and smiling while my brother and I were doing heavy yard work and not dirtying her fingers to pick up a leaf and [2] just touching an expensive plate of feticini with her tongue and pushing it away. Some chef who thought he was good made my spagetti sauce taste like watery, strong mouthwash but I forced as much down as I could because my brother paid a lot for the food.
Yes I was scammed once but my cousin Abe said "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me". So I can't make my brother feel the pain of a life with virtually no human contact but with your help I can make him loose one of his exec household incomes. All I want you to do is boycott BP gasoline, the company responsible for the big Gulf oil spill.
My sister-in-law is a long time marketing / customer relations exec at BP since back when it was Amoco Oil. If you are running on fumes and must buy BP okay but otherwise boycott it like the plague for I only have a million or so friends worldwide to make a noticable impact on the BP bottomline. Then after a few months all I have to do is get word to the BP that Wendi is the cause of the People's anger.
My exec brother unlike me has had doors open easily. He moves from company to company without a resume or beating the street. People just call him and he is in. I don't know more than that sometimes he is a manger, sometimes a consultant, sometimes a VP and he has his picture in front of the Russian Kremlin from when he was Deputy Director and buying Russian oil for Amoco / BP.. I can't tell more since I won't spend $7.00 to download his background from the Web. He is not a Vet, just another sponge soaking up America's wealth and good life. He drove to Texas decades ago passing within blocks of me and did not stop and the two nieces of mine have grown from babies to college grads and all I got was an occasional Christmas picture. With your help we can burst their bubble and knock them down a peg on the social ladder.