Saturday, June 18, 2016


1.  My Secret Service friend told me that my note is in Donald's hands.  With a little more help from God there will be a Trump - Burlison ticket.

2.  Just days out of hospital and now pain all over.  One pain feels like sitting on bones with no muscle padding.

After trying almost 4 years I need my woman here with me in America fast.  To do it she needs $1250 or 1250 USD.

I can get $600 advance on two credit cards and am putting the word out every way I can for the other $650.

It can be a gift or a loan.  She has been in the USA before and has a work visa H1B.  Together we can repay soon.  If I win the VP job all of our debts will be easy, but I am not counting my chickens before they are hatched.

You can message me as Robert Dean Burlison II on Facebook.  Just say you read of my trouble on Blogger,  God Bless