Monday, May 30, 2016

Thank you Obama for the Bailout of General Motors, It is Working!

NEWS: Stocks UP due to rumor Junior Achievement company to buy controlling interest in GMC. lol

Personal Experience with my Chevy Impala.

At a dealer my argument over a $400 repair that replaced the wrong black box got the attention of the service manager.  He brown nosed me saying that he knew I was intelligent and important, blah, blah.  Then he tried to double talk me as to why he shouldn't have to repair my car right and about how bad the Japanese unfair competition was, and that he was a Vietnam Vet and I should accept the extra upkeep cost of buying American.

Well, some time later I stopped by the Honda dealer which sold me the used Chevy.  I just went for advice since I knew I had owner the car too many years for the Honda dealer to have any responsibility.  But when I told my story I was surrounded by staff including the manager.  They were even feeding me granola bars since I felt my blood sugar was low.

In the end the Honda manager said he was making a call to authorize another repair at the Honda dealer's expense, and he told me to stop by the Chevy dealer on the way home for an appointment.

IKE'S Honda in far west Marion, Illinois has 3 times proven honest to me and I think it's worth a long drive to buy there.  Just remember President Eisenhower's campaign slogan..."We Like Ike".

On a different subject with the Chevy service manager, I mentioned that my mechanic friend told me there was a hole near the top of my radiator overflow reservoir.  He said that the plastic jug was expensive, $120 I think.

So I told the Chevy service manager that I intended to look in a salvage yard for a reservoir.  He said not to do that.  "Buy it here and get a Genuine GM Part".  How can any off brand parts maker mess up a simple plastic jug?  Anyway the manager never gave me a chance to say that there are plenty of Genuine GM Parts in the junk yard.

After feeding me Liberal amounts of bullshit, who do you think that Chevy service manager is going to vote for?  He pleaded as if it was a sin to put the Chevy dealership name on the Web.  There are two dealership by that name, both bad.  But I am not going to name them, not that I don't care about you getting taken, but only for the sake of friendship with the Honda manager who told me he knew the Chevy people.  In fact I couldn't get a lawyer friend to go against Chevy for she is related by marriage.