Sunday, April 24, 2016

There are only 3 or 4 good doctors I have found in 20 years. The rest are idiotic SHRINKS.

Dr. S. Mansui, pardon me but I can't see well.  I received an ULTIMATUM from the psych. dept. about setting up an appointment or loosing care and drug refills.  The stupid screw-up was their fault, not mine.  There is only one non-anti-psychotic drug I need, Clonazepam which I have over 20 years experience with.  I want a REAL Doctor (you) to take over prescribing it.  I know doctors worry about prescribing mental drugs, but you have given me this one before with no problem.  I will contact Dr. Bach at Jefferson Barracks, another REAL Doctor, about the other 2 medicines he gave me.  I am almost dead sure I don't need them.

The damned psych. dept. gave me diabetes and fat without any warning.  It insulted and ruined my reputation and honor.  It caused me extra red-tape I don't have time for and cost the taxpayers a lot of money for my court case and ambulance trips to Jefferson Barracks.  The shrinks ruined my health to the point of needing a handicapped parking permit which you approved.  I only used it a few times for thanks to Dr. Bach my health has bounced back remarkably.

I have a lot of POWER from the People now.  See how I destroyed one woman's honor worldwide in my blog and elsewhere...   Thank you