Saturday, April 23, 2016


I have worked so hard 7 days/nights per week since late 2012 for my determined goal.  I can hardly see now and need time to rest and heal my eyes so that I am capable of doing the job I want.  My apology in advance if my words decay from the politically correct for I am angry.  Never fear, the Secret Service was at my home 2 days ago and I am no threat.  On the other hand, I come to you as a last resort for I fear you may try to render all of my work and pain to nothing due to our political differences.  I have about 7,500 friends and followers and a million+ aware of me worldwide and blogs like the link I will give you are read worldwide. A few names: Paris Hilton, Montel Williams, NATO General ? secret, NASA manager ? secret, Malaysian Princess, Saudi Royal, Navy Seals, 2 Thunderbird and Blue Angels pilots, a State and a US Senator, Mayor of a city in Washington State and so on.
Now the reason I am writing is to get advice and maybe the favor of using your clout to get a damned simple message to Trump.  The Secret Service made such a big deal of it that it showed disgusting ignorance.
Trump does not allow homemade banners at his rallies.  If I could mine would read "Donald, I know you are no coward but your staff makes you appear to be.  Talk to me, I don't bite".
The message I want to get to Trump is just the following link to introduce and break the ice to talk later about foreign affairs, economy and every other issue.  I cannot be specific for I am also posting this non-securely to tens of thousands of my friends for my own security.
Here is the link.  You may read it...   Aside to the Secret Service:  Heaven forbid Trump should get a dangerous paper cut when the note with the link is handed to him...BULL POO, I promised that my words would decay.  Thanks, Robert