Friday, March 11, 2016

The U.S. Presidency 2016 - NEW GOAL Adviser to TRUMP

Hello People of the World.  I need your help.  You can do this from any Nation. (i.e. Hi Olga in Russia)
NEW,,,Please make TRUMP acknowledge that I EXIST.

More international friends to add to a million+ aware of me is good for relations, but I desperately need a vast number of U.S. VOTERS to impress Donald for a TRUMP-BURLISON 2016 ticket.
NEW GOAL...General Adviser

I started my One Man - Zero Dollar campaign for President in 2012 for I knew it would take much time to build the support I needed.  I have since downgraded to Vice President as my goal. 
With TRUMP'S okay I can enact my own agenda additional and complimentary to his.  Computer test of my views MATCHED TRUMP'S 86%

The media, press, radio and TV are aware, but they just look and do nothing to help me spread my name.  I am low income and supporting myself and my fiancee overseas.  So I cannot pay for newspaper ads.
My fiancee (photo 5 years old for security and other reasons)...

I already have all the VIP and noteworthy people I need...NASA manager formerly in charge of the Shuttle, recently retired NATO general, Saudi Royal, Malaysian Princess, Perez & Paris Hilton, State Senator, GOP Security, mayor of a city in Washington state, Wild Bill, Navy Seals, Thunderbirds & Blue Angels pilots, so many CEOs, corporations, religious organizations and more.

Me with friends Lee and Jake...

Also shown are my father on the steam engine and me in a USAF Transmitter Site.  One transmitter the War Room could over-ride to order a nuclear strike.

My biography and a tribute to Dad... 

I am at  and more listings on Google as Robert Dean Burlison II.  Those are the facts I want you all to share and fill the Web with.  TIME IS SHORT.  I must impress Donald TRUMP to pick me before he picks another.  Working together with President Trump I can at least get some of my own agenda passed.  From a computer test result, I am an 86% match to Trump.

May God or the Power Above in which you believe grant my GOAL...TRUMP-BURLISON 2016.

I am sure from experience so far that I can get the women's, Afro-American and Hispanic votes if you help me get my message to them.

Poster from Mitt Romney's first campaign against Obama...
With that I thank and Bless you ALL and say goodnight.

Best Wishes,