Saturday, April 18, 2015

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I would be satisfied to convert a Muslim to an Atheist. It is easier and half way there. I uses to not be a strong believer. I was Liberal, but life experience has taught me the error of my ways. Thanks to God my body count is -1. That is I killed none and saved one.

It is why you cannot change a real Christian into a Muslim and visa versa

 Robert Dean Burlison II 1 week ago

Also  . Many links to everything there...PLATFORM, BIO, BLOGS, FRIENDS

I have over a million people aware and/or friends Worldwide, but to have a chance I desperately need this to get to at least 40 million U.S. Voters.
Photo: Me looking busy inside transmitter site which could also send the President's order for a B-52 Nuclear Strike. Later at the receiver-control site I routinely ran tests on the strategic Kw system to chart the effects of weather on transmitter range.
Of all the candidates, I have the prettiest SEAL. Obama carries a fish in his pocket to feed the Seal when he wants applause (clapping flippers).

 John  2 weeks ago +1
obama is a racist muslum ass in my opinion

You the People, please help me if you can. I have worked long into the night 7 days a week for a few years to establish myself. I am another besides Cruz, Hillary and others for you to consider. One difference in me is that I really need you to hire (vote) me as your leader and will work my best for the People who hired me because I know the job market very well, been lied to and snubbed by it and forced to waste a lot of money just to survive and have nothing to show for decades of my lifetime. It's a matter of Honor. I don't know what keywords to use for this site to direct the kind of friends I want for my mind jumps thru many issues all the time. I was worried but a little thought solved the problem. The personal Twitter link I am going to give you is already saturated with VIPs and there is another link on the profile to a page with many more people and more links to my posts. There is humor, but also serious business in these links. Information saturation and space force me to allow no trivia. Therefore I am not going to follow-back almost everybody. This does not mean I don't need and appreciate your follow. I just don't have the time. I need the numbers behind me to give me courage and hope. I must gain trust of many more, my million worldwide is nothing without 50 million more U.S. Voters to give me a chance. So I am now reaching out to my fellow little guy for it will be my duty to protect his rights too. I said my fellow little guy because I too am still just a number and know being on the bottom well. It is lonely at the top, but much more lonely and scary at the bottom. I am looking out to the masses who's power may only be their one vote each. Follow me, @noseall or on the link I give you to see the kind of leaders already following and check out all the link for information to make your important decisions. God Help America. Robert Dean Burlison II