Saturday, November 9, 2013

Obama is purging the military of Commanders who will refuse to fire on American civilians.
These same civilians pay the Commanders' salary, build and pay for all their weapons, ammo , fuel and food and Veteran benefits and retirement.
We own everything except the troops who we hire.
Any Dog-Ass Commander who fires on US is a TREASONOUS Hypocrite.

Conversely, we civilians cannot fire on our own troops.
They are family, sons, daughters, husband, wives

The military is given a gift of power over life and death.  When the Commander in Chief is no longer competent or no longer loyal to the People, it is THE DUTY of the military to walk into the White House and escort the Commander in Chief out

It is not right to fight a bloody Civil War II just to eliminate the power of one lousy man.

In Washington's time there was no huge standing, active duty army.  They fought the Revolution and went back to the plow.
Today the military has the best guns, yet the Second Amendment applies to them as well, to stand up and retake the Government back for the lesser armed People.

Afterwards until elections can be held, or the MAN WHO CAME IN SECOND in the last election takes office, a short period of Martial Law should exist.
This would be useful to purge big drug dealers (not the little guy just trying to make food money) by firing squad.

I voted for B.O. because he by law would not run in 2016  whereas his opponent could run and I would have no chance against an incumbent.
It got my dander up when B.O. asked for a 3rd term.

I voted for B.O. because of the glitz and I was a Democrat as is most of the town I think.

What gave B.O. the Knowledge and glitz to do what he is doing?  To infiltrate the country up to the highest level; the ULTIMATE SPY.
The answer is obvious.  He fits the mold, all aspects of an anti-Christian,

Proof of this will come if he is ever wounded in the head and survives.  This is possible for a young black child was a victim of a drive by shooting.  He lost half of his brain, yet still went to college.

I wonder if B.O. is man enough (should such occur) to accept that "it is written" and give Executive Pardon to the shooter.
Nope, I doubt that "it is written" in the Koran.
I am not Catholic but I think it was Pope John Paul who forgave his shooter and he was not the Big Anti with any army to speak of.